Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two weeks worth of goings on

I'm going to take Carly's tactic and just make a list :-D So what have I been up to lately?

- Went to ladies night with Carly and Emily at the Melting Pot - Yum! This time we got the Wisconsin trio cheese fondue, caesar salads all around, the mojito cooking style with the plate entree, and the classic (milk chocolate with crunchy peanut butter) fondue. Yum!

- Got some new running shoes and got a run on the board for June. Convenient that the moderator of the group didn't start it til the 8th this month and I had already run twice! I'll be able to get in two more runs this week though.

- Sunday school class threw a baby shower/breakfast for Eric and Emily. I got them two cute little outfits for Owen...and then forgot the card. At least I remembered the Krispy Kreme donuts.

- Had a great vinyasa yoga practice on Friday. I don't usually sweat much, but I was very sweaty by the end. I'll be getting in three more practices (Wednesday, Friday and the following Tuesday) before the end of the month, since I'll be gone for a third of July. I had tried the lunchtime class a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it as well.

- We went to my 10 year HS reunion the weekend before last, and then had lunch at O'Charleys with Robyn, Derrick, Martha and Eric. Traffic was a nightmare getting down to Fredericksburg on Friday - the whole trip took 3 hours 10 minutes. Coming back was much better.

- Went to a cookout at Rhoda's with some former labmates. It was good to see everyone and the food was yummy as usual. We ended up in a huge backup when I-695 was closed, and actually passed Whei and Russ in the lane next to us. They followed us (with our GPS set on detour) around the backup to I-70.

- Had a fantastic dinner at the Chart House last night with Jim (in celebration of his new job!), Phil, Lisa, and Darius. The food was spectacular, the service was great, and there were even fireworks.

- Went to mom and dad's for Fathers' Day dinner after church today. Dad's still hanging on pretty much the same as usual. We brought them a new CPU to replace the one that died during one of the hundred thunderstorms we've had all month.

So now, what's coming up?

- 6-year anniversary tomorrow! We're going to Bonefish Grill in Kentlands.

- One more weekend to hang out with Eric and Emily before they move - They're coming over for dinner and games on Saturday, and then we're going to lunch after church on Sunday.

- We're going to SC on the 1st for Fourth of July weekend. Should be great fun!

- Going to a Nats game on the 25th of July!

So basically other than my usual work, church activities, and volunteering (and sleep), I've basically spent the last two weeks eating and working out :-)

Only 34 days until vacation!! And 36 days til my spa trip in the Outer Banks (facial, massage, and pedicure - yum!)


Eric said...

happy anniversary!

Courtney said...

Thanks! You need to play a word in scrabble!