Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nice weekend

My arm still hurt, so I ended up biking 10 miles this afternoon at the gym (level 6, 65-75 rpm, 52 minutes total). Not too shabby. Watched some football, did some laundry. Went to Old Navy and got my coat, a cute long sleeved t-shirt in Hokie colors and a pair of jeans, and then ordered a couple more things that they didn't have in-store (I can use the 20% off discount online as well as in-store).

Got a meeting tomorrow morning at NIST. Gotta go get ready for bed and stuff now!


I marked a couple events in my "calendar post" with asterisks. That more or less means they're "open to the public" - but please check with me before you show up! Most of my readers have been invited to one or the other anyways; if you haven't and are/will be in the area please don't be offended, just let me know and we'll chat :-)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dates of Note

I've referred to Carly's "upcoming events calendar" post on her LiveJournal quite a few times, so I thought it would probably be helpful to other people if I posted mine too :-)

9/5: Some sort of dinner event with Matt's fam for birthday celebrations
9/16-9/18: Gettysburg, PA for the Federal Laboratory Consortium Mid-Atlantic Region meeting
9/23: Dinner with Emily
9/25-9/27: SBC Homecoming and Presidential Inauguration
10/3: Hiking trip to Sugarloaf Mountain**
10/9-10/12: Visiting Eric and Emily in WVa
10/16-10/18: Mom visiting for the weekend
10/17: Chili and Football party for VT-GT game**
10/22-10/25: American Society for Nanomedicine Conference in Potomac, MD
10/24: Nike+ Human Race 10K**
10/25: Dinner with Adam and Kristen
11/5-11/6: Food and Drug Law Institute course in DC
11/7: Dinner date at Sweetwater with Carly and Eric
11/15 or 11/22: "Arsenic and Old Lace" play at the Arts Barn**
12/11: Matt's company Christmas party
12/12: Nusbaum's baby shower and Christmas party
12/23-12/27: SC for Christmas

I'm hoping for at least one other hiking trip (perhaps to Great Falls) in September or October, and I'm sure there will be other Christmas parties tossed in there as well. But that's what I've got so far! Anyone is free to claim an open weekend :-)

The game tonight was good...Keys won 5-3. I had my physical and tetanus shot yesterday, and my arm still hurts almost 48 hours later. Yoga was tough on Friday...I hope it's better by Wednesday, because Donna and I are going to the level 3 class. Weather looks okay for a swim tomorrow, but again it'll have to be dependent on my stupid arm. I did just order goggles and a nose clip from since I'm such a water wussie. I already have ear plugs. Though I did get my ears flushed while I was at the doctor's office on Friday - she said that one of my ear canals was over half blocked, which I think explains why I couldn't get the water out when I was at the beach. I'll still use the ear plugs though. Not taking any chances!

I did decide to do the triathlon, by the way. My thinking is that if I can over-train each individual event by 20-25% (distance-wise) and can complete either the swim-bike or bike-run components in a single workout, I should be able to complete the triathlon without too much trouble. I figure on working out 3x a week through January (1 each swim, bike, run) with yoga mixed in when I can, and then 4x a week from about Feb-Jun (swim, bike, run, and a "brick" workout alternating each week).

This is kind of a weird, creepy article about Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. Be sure to read the whole thing.

And I think it's going to be another "early" night (read: before midnight). Church tomorrow and a brief meeting after the service, then shopping at Montgomery Mall, possibly a swim in the afternoon (or maybe I'll go to the gym and bike, since it doesn't involve my arm). Bible study, gym, yoga, gym, yoga, FFF, RFBD and 3-day weekend before TTC University starts!

I got a bonus at work on Friday! :-D

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Workin' ouuuuuuut

I think that was a Pauly Shore line?

I can't believe how fast this month has gone. By the time it's over I'll have done 7 yoga classes (most of them rather vigorous), two swims (hoping to get the second one in this Sunday, weather permitting), and 5 runs. I always manage to make time for yoga, but swimming and running is harder :-)

I signed up for the Nike+ Human Race worldwide 10K on October 24th. I'll probably just run it on a treadmill after I get out of the ASNM conference that day. I am starting to seriously think about doing the Nicolay Melanoma Foundation's mini triathlon next year - if I recall correctly, it's a 400m swim, 14 mile bike ride, and 5K run. I feel like I might actually be enough of a non-couch potato that I wouldn't die if I tried. Complication would be that I don't have a bike.

Can I BUY more time in my day for sleeping? I just can't seem to go to bed at a reasonable time these days. I got home around 8pm last night after going to the gym and the grocery store. I made dinner and putzed around for a while online - did some mechanical turk hits, talked to some people on IM, read my Morning Coffee tabs and Facebook. We also watched two episodes of Planet Earth on Discovery HD. Loaded and ran the dishwasher, repacked my gym bag, took a shower and then somehow it was 1am?? Ugh. I really need 8+ hours of sleep and right now I think I'm getting about 6.5-7 :-(

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Does this make me a gamer?

Had a fun weekend! Aside from all the cleaning, bleh :-)

Daniel and Marilyn came up on Saturday; we didn't go to the baseball game because of the storms (hope we don't get rained out next weekend!) so we just hung out at the house. They cooked us dinner (steamed clams, sauteed shrimp, lemon asparagus and mushroom cous cous) and we played a game of Settlers of Catan while watching the Redskins game. I managed to pull out the win by stealing the "longest road" card from Daniel for the last two points.

We went to sunday school and church today, and then out to lunch at Red Lobster with Norm and Laura and the girls. Jim, Carly and Eric came over...with presents! Jim got me the theobromine shirt I was promised during the funemployment days. Carly and Eric gave me a gift card to Old Navy (and I think I'm going to buy this!). We got takeout and played Puerto Rico, and Jim won that game. Fun times :-)

Just finishing up some laundry and getting ready for the upcoming week. Should be pretty normal - bible study, two yoga classes, two gym trips and volunteering. Going to the Frederick Keys game on Saturday and maybe a swim on Sunday if the weather cooperates. And we're going to Montgomery Mall so I can get my ring inspected and go to the Old Navy Stuff'n'Save sale in person, so I can get my free tote bag!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Doesn't feel like the weekend yet...

I think I need more sleep. Seriously considering skipping volunteering tomorrow, not so I can sleep in but so I can finish cleaning :-/ I would have been extremely embarrassed to have anyone walk in my house this week. I did manage to get the dining room table cleared, most of the coffee table and breakfast bar, the kitchen counters and floor clean, and about 75% of the laundry done (still needs to be folded/put away). The dusting/vacuuming and bathroom are on the list for tomorrow and then we'll be ready for overnight guests Saturday and more non-overnight guests Sunday.

Worked out three days in a row - vigorous yoga classes Wednesday and Friday (oof, especially Friday) with a 2.5 mile run and lifting in between on Thursday. I really felt it while mopping the floor tonight.

Finally got another journal article sent in from my thesis work. Man, I hate making figures. I always end up redoing them like six times each.

Finally broke $200 in Mechanical Turk earnings! I've also logged a total of 91,382 steps in the pedometer trial, which is good for $16.25 thus far. Not quite halfway through the program, but I think it's safe to say I won't make it to the $75 maximum earnings.

We are tentatively going to a minor league game tomorrow night with Matt's fam. Church on Sunday and then lunch with the LaCroixs. Some of the gang over on Sunday afternoon for ice cream cake and mild debauchery.

And then it's only one more week left in August! Labor Day through the second week of November are shaping up to be very busy at work. I have "Tech Transfer University" which is required for all new TT personnel and is 8 half-to-three-quarter-day sessions. A conference in September (in Gettysburg PA) and a conference in October (in Potomac). Several important meetings, and the two-day FDLI course on drug regulation law. Whew!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Late 20s

Because 28 is no longer "mid-20s" :-) I got Godiva chocolate truffles from Matt and a new hubcap from Daniel (yes, I really wanted it!), plus stuff was waiting for me from Old Navy when I got home. And my yoga class today was free, woot! We went out to O'Donnell's for a yummy crabcake dinner.

The last picture in today's Passive Aggressive Notes made me laugh so hard, I almost fell out of my chair.

I'm approaching $200 earned from Mechanical Turk, although I did cash out $160 earlier this month for my spa trip on vacation.

AdBlock Plus gets rid of the nasty full-page ads on - take that Prius and Transformers!

Monday, August 17, 2009

E-mail tutorial - u needz it

So, today around 11:30 I got an e-mail solicitation from some company offering protein purification services to the NCI. I usually delete them, since I'm no longer in the lab; they're pretty rare and it's generally not worth my time to try to figure out how to "unsubscribe" - other than FDLI, I don't think I've ever gotten more than one from the same company.

Well, one person at NCI hit "Reply All" instead of "Reply" with a response asking to please take them off the mailing list. Note that this wasn't even the correct way to unsubscribe; there was an unsubscribe e-mail addy at the bottom of the message. This started the snowball rolling: a bunch of other people thought that that must be the correct way to unsubscribe from the mailing list, so they all hit "Reply All" as well to ask to be taken off the list. Note, however, that this mailing list included the ENTIRE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE.

A couple administrative people who didn't understand what was going on thought that someone had contacted them to take them off the list, and REPLIED ALL to say that people needed to contact the company directly, not them, to be unsubscribed. Then the people annoyed with seeing their e-mail inbox flooded with e-mails started to hit REPLY ALL to tell people "PLEASE DON'T HIT REPLY ALL" (oh the irony). I did appreciate the moxie of the guy who changed the e-mail subject line from "Protein purification services from {company name}" to "HEY MORONS" on his REPLY ALL. Yet the messages still kept coming, even after computer services sent out a NIH-wide e-mail saying "Please don't reply to this e-mail, you are making the problem worse." I deleted 100 messages in 3 hours before they managed to squelch it.

Someone in my office thought maybe this was a denial of service attack. I informed him of Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hurry up FiOS!

When we were in the Verizon store back in April switching over to pre-paid cellular, we commented to the sales rep that we were disappointed that FiOS wasn't available in our area. He said that Verizon had to sue MoCo to get their contract with Comcast broken, and that it would be available in Gaithersburg in November. I pulled the base package prices for our phone service from Cavalier and our Internet+Cable from Comcast: $34.95 and $150.40, respectively (the latter includes two premium movie channels and DVR rental). I'm assuming that taxes and fees would be comparable since a lot of that is set by the county/state, and thus an equivalent plan with Verizon FiOS service would run us $161.98 a month (before taxes), less a $30/month new customer discount for the first 6 months and a $5/month discount for signing up online. That means over two years we'll save over $880!!

We went to mom's yesterday for my pre-birthday celebration. She took us out to Buster's and gave me a pearl bracelet to match the necklace and earrings I got 7 years ago for my 21st birthday present, and Alyssa washed and cleaned out my car for me :-)

Should be a fairly normal week coming up - bible study on Monday, church meeting on Tuesday, yoga Wednesday (noon) and Friday (6pm), running Thursday, volunteering Saturday AM. We're going out to dinner at O'Donnell's for my birthday on Wednesday (yum crabcakes!) and Daniel's coming up for the weekend. Church Sunday AM, lunch with Norm and Laura, and then birthday party! I think we'll end up with 6-8 people over for wii, ice cream cake, and other mild mayhem. I *am* getting kind of old :-P

I'm really fairly annoyed that I've yet to receive any of my confirmation e-mails for this "paid to walk" study. I've allegedly earned $13 so far but I have no idea if I'll actually see any of it, since I!was supposed to get a) a confirmation e-mail for registering my pedometer, b) a short survey to fill out to credit my account with my recorded steps, and c) a weekly account earnings summary. I have sent them seven e-mails; so far, just a big fat load of nothing. Boo.

(UPDATE: Apparently all I have to do is blog about things and I can make them happen! Immediately after posting, I checked my hotmail and this e-mail was waiting for me: "We have had an overwhelming positive response to this project and we are currently behind processing all of the information we are receiving. Rest assured your information will be processed and you will get paid. We expect to be fully caught up in 7-10 business days." Sweet!)

(Yes, I realize this is a classic example of the post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy.)

Can you believe it's only 4.5 months until 2010??

Saturday, August 15, 2009

If you think your job stinks...

At least be glad you're (probably) not susceptible to any of these occupational hazards. Well, Robyn might need to look out for #5, but I think everyone else I know is safe!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

That's like a house!

Kids Are Expensive - $367,000 through age 17?? That's nearly $1700/month. What are people spending that much money on? Sometimes I can think of a lot better stuff to spend $1700 on. That's about what we save a YEAR for vacation!

It isn't true yet...

But this proposed currency redesign is pretty nice: Constitutional Currency

Went to yoga earlier and then out to dinner with Eric and Emily in Bethesda. Volunteering tomorrow and hopefully a swim after church on Sunday. Not too much else going on!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Brain development??

I just saw a commercial for Juicy Juice with DHA for brain development. Color me skeptical. I mean, we've somehow managed to produce smart and competent people for, oh I don't know, THOUSANDS of YEARS without this drink? And yet all the helicopter parents will freak out and think that if everyone else's kids are drinking it and theirs isn't, they'll be the only parents without a Harvard graduate. Ugh.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Beach House 2020

We, being Team Silverthorn and Team Nusbaum, decided we want to buy a beach house in 2020...only 11 years to go! I just checked the major Outer Banks realtors (Midgett, Sun, Surf or Sound, and Hatteras) and our name isn't taken. We don't necessarily have a house picked out yet, though we'd be happy enough to buy the one we stayed in this year if it became available, but it's less than 4400 days til "Surf & Turf" will be ours :-D

Back Home

I'm still awake, trying to put a dent in the mountain of laundry. We ended up getting takeout chinese again - we also got takeout the night before we left for Carly and Eric's, and when Matt suggested chinese I said "We just HAD chinese" to which he pointed out that that was over a week ago and we had eaten steaks twice in the past week for dinner. I told him to stop confounding me with his "logic."

I also gained a grand total of...8.5 pounds in July. Ugh. Combination of eating and stress and travel and lack of exercise (all I managed besides my 6 yoga classes was one walk and a few swims in the ocean). Apparently I can either eat with wanton abandon or be a couch slug, but not both. Life is unfair.

My must-have purchase for the beach next year = ear plugs. Apparently I have very weird ear canals. I got water in my left ear the first day we went into the ocean (Monday). It finally came out late Tuesday night - we were just getting out of the hot tub and it popped right as a wave was crashing, and I almost jumped out of my skin. Then I got water in it again on Wednesday. I never really felt another pop, although by Friday the squishiness was gone from my ear, even though it still didn't feel quite right. And believe me, I had tried everything by that point - rubbing alcohol, hair dryer, jumping up and down, q-tip, napping with that side facing down, putting more water in the ear, attempting to get a suction going with my palm. Very frustrating.

So we did all the "usuals" - lunch at Captain Frank's, outlet mall shopping, boogie boarding, crab picking at Carly's parents, bocce, finished the puzzle, nice dinner out, mini golf, DQ, tons of board games. I finished Duma Key and went to the day spa for a few hours. Brought some shells and sand home.

Hit up some of the stores in Nags Head on the way back home, but I couldn't find the Life is Good shirt I wanted in my size. I suppose I could try to order it online. The new Try My Nuts store in Kitty Hawk was kind of disappointing compared to the one that used to be open in Avon. It's about a third of the size of the old one, and didn't have the toffee-covered chocolate-dipped pecans than I love. I did find two totally cute things at The Cotton Gin that I wanted - pink and green polka-dot flip flops, and a cute water bottle with my initial on it. I asked Matt if he had already gotten me a birthday present; he said no. I said "Well you just got them for me." He replied "Oh...Happy Birthday!" and I said "Thank you, it's just what I wanted!"

One other thing that we totally laughed at was when we were coming out of the ABC store. A truck was pulling away blasting "Holiday" by Wheezer. I started to say "That's an appropriate song" but right when I began to form the sentence, I also saw a sign that was advertizing the "best chicken biscuits on the beach." What actually came out of my mouth was "That's an appropriate chicken." Matt looked at me as if I had grown a third arm. We both cracked up.

We got the same house for next year - same bat time, same bat cave. 51 weeks to go. Right now though, I gotta fold some laundry, get some sleep, and then think about getting my chunky trunky to the gym.