Monday, August 03, 2009

Back Home

I'm still awake, trying to put a dent in the mountain of laundry. We ended up getting takeout chinese again - we also got takeout the night before we left for Carly and Eric's, and when Matt suggested chinese I said "We just HAD chinese" to which he pointed out that that was over a week ago and we had eaten steaks twice in the past week for dinner. I told him to stop confounding me with his "logic."

I also gained a grand total of...8.5 pounds in July. Ugh. Combination of eating and stress and travel and lack of exercise (all I managed besides my 6 yoga classes was one walk and a few swims in the ocean). Apparently I can either eat with wanton abandon or be a couch slug, but not both. Life is unfair.

My must-have purchase for the beach next year = ear plugs. Apparently I have very weird ear canals. I got water in my left ear the first day we went into the ocean (Monday). It finally came out late Tuesday night - we were just getting out of the hot tub and it popped right as a wave was crashing, and I almost jumped out of my skin. Then I got water in it again on Wednesday. I never really felt another pop, although by Friday the squishiness was gone from my ear, even though it still didn't feel quite right. And believe me, I had tried everything by that point - rubbing alcohol, hair dryer, jumping up and down, q-tip, napping with that side facing down, putting more water in the ear, attempting to get a suction going with my palm. Very frustrating.

So we did all the "usuals" - lunch at Captain Frank's, outlet mall shopping, boogie boarding, crab picking at Carly's parents, bocce, finished the puzzle, nice dinner out, mini golf, DQ, tons of board games. I finished Duma Key and went to the day spa for a few hours. Brought some shells and sand home.

Hit up some of the stores in Nags Head on the way back home, but I couldn't find the Life is Good shirt I wanted in my size. I suppose I could try to order it online. The new Try My Nuts store in Kitty Hawk was kind of disappointing compared to the one that used to be open in Avon. It's about a third of the size of the old one, and didn't have the toffee-covered chocolate-dipped pecans than I love. I did find two totally cute things at The Cotton Gin that I wanted - pink and green polka-dot flip flops, and a cute water bottle with my initial on it. I asked Matt if he had already gotten me a birthday present; he said no. I said "Well you just got them for me." He replied "Oh...Happy Birthday!" and I said "Thank you, it's just what I wanted!"

One other thing that we totally laughed at was when we were coming out of the ABC store. A truck was pulling away blasting "Holiday" by Wheezer. I started to say "That's an appropriate song" but right when I began to form the sentence, I also saw a sign that was advertizing the "best chicken biscuits on the beach." What actually came out of my mouth was "That's an appropriate chicken." Matt looked at me as if I had grown a third arm. We both cracked up.

We got the same house for next year - same bat time, same bat cave. 51 weeks to go. Right now though, I gotta fold some laundry, get some sleep, and then think about getting my chunky trunky to the gym.

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