Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dates of Note

I've referred to Carly's "upcoming events calendar" post on her LiveJournal quite a few times, so I thought it would probably be helpful to other people if I posted mine too :-)

9/5: Some sort of dinner event with Matt's fam for birthday celebrations
9/16-9/18: Gettysburg, PA for the Federal Laboratory Consortium Mid-Atlantic Region meeting
9/23: Dinner with Emily
9/25-9/27: SBC Homecoming and Presidential Inauguration
10/3: Hiking trip to Sugarloaf Mountain**
10/9-10/12: Visiting Eric and Emily in WVa
10/16-10/18: Mom visiting for the weekend
10/17: Chili and Football party for VT-GT game**
10/22-10/25: American Society for Nanomedicine Conference in Potomac, MD
10/24: Nike+ Human Race 10K**
10/25: Dinner with Adam and Kristen
11/5-11/6: Food and Drug Law Institute course in DC
11/7: Dinner date at Sweetwater with Carly and Eric
11/15 or 11/22: "Arsenic and Old Lace" play at the Arts Barn**
12/11: Matt's company Christmas party
12/12: Nusbaum's baby shower and Christmas party
12/23-12/27: SC for Christmas

I'm hoping for at least one other hiking trip (perhaps to Great Falls) in September or October, and I'm sure there will be other Christmas parties tossed in there as well. But that's what I've got so far! Anyone is free to claim an open weekend :-)

The game tonight was good...Keys won 5-3. I had my physical and tetanus shot yesterday, and my arm still hurts almost 48 hours later. Yoga was tough on Friday...I hope it's better by Wednesday, because Donna and I are going to the level 3 class. Weather looks okay for a swim tomorrow, but again it'll have to be dependent on my stupid arm. I did just order goggles and a nose clip from since I'm such a water wussie. I already have ear plugs. Though I did get my ears flushed while I was at the doctor's office on Friday - she said that one of my ear canals was over half blocked, which I think explains why I couldn't get the water out when I was at the beach. I'll still use the ear plugs though. Not taking any chances!

I did decide to do the triathlon, by the way. My thinking is that if I can over-train each individual event by 20-25% (distance-wise) and can complete either the swim-bike or bike-run components in a single workout, I should be able to complete the triathlon without too much trouble. I figure on working out 3x a week through January (1 each swim, bike, run) with yoga mixed in when I can, and then 4x a week from about Feb-Jun (swim, bike, run, and a "brick" workout alternating each week).

This is kind of a weird, creepy article about Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. Be sure to read the whole thing.

And I think it's going to be another "early" night (read: before midnight). Church tomorrow and a brief meeting after the service, then shopping at Montgomery Mall, possibly a swim in the afternoon (or maybe I'll go to the gym and bike, since it doesn't involve my arm). Bible study, gym, yoga, gym, yoga, FFF, RFBD and 3-day weekend before TTC University starts!

I got a bonus at work on Friday! :-D

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