Saturday, August 22, 2009

Doesn't feel like the weekend yet...

I think I need more sleep. Seriously considering skipping volunteering tomorrow, not so I can sleep in but so I can finish cleaning :-/ I would have been extremely embarrassed to have anyone walk in my house this week. I did manage to get the dining room table cleared, most of the coffee table and breakfast bar, the kitchen counters and floor clean, and about 75% of the laundry done (still needs to be folded/put away). The dusting/vacuuming and bathroom are on the list for tomorrow and then we'll be ready for overnight guests Saturday and more non-overnight guests Sunday.

Worked out three days in a row - vigorous yoga classes Wednesday and Friday (oof, especially Friday) with a 2.5 mile run and lifting in between on Thursday. I really felt it while mopping the floor tonight.

Finally got another journal article sent in from my thesis work. Man, I hate making figures. I always end up redoing them like six times each.

Finally broke $200 in Mechanical Turk earnings! I've also logged a total of 91,382 steps in the pedometer trial, which is good for $16.25 thus far. Not quite halfway through the program, but I think it's safe to say I won't make it to the $75 maximum earnings.

We are tentatively going to a minor league game tomorrow night with Matt's fam. Church on Sunday and then lunch with the LaCroixs. Some of the gang over on Sunday afternoon for ice cream cake and mild debauchery.

And then it's only one more week left in August! Labor Day through the second week of November are shaping up to be very busy at work. I have "Tech Transfer University" which is required for all new TT personnel and is 8 half-to-three-quarter-day sessions. A conference in September (in Gettysburg PA) and a conference in October (in Potomac). Several important meetings, and the two-day FDLI course on drug regulation law. Whew!

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