Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hurry up FiOS!

When we were in the Verizon store back in April switching over to pre-paid cellular, we commented to the sales rep that we were disappointed that FiOS wasn't available in our area. He said that Verizon had to sue MoCo to get their contract with Comcast broken, and that it would be available in Gaithersburg in November. I pulled the base package prices for our phone service from Cavalier and our Internet+Cable from Comcast: $34.95 and $150.40, respectively (the latter includes two premium movie channels and DVR rental). I'm assuming that taxes and fees would be comparable since a lot of that is set by the county/state, and thus an equivalent plan with Verizon FiOS service would run us $161.98 a month (before taxes), less a $30/month new customer discount for the first 6 months and a $5/month discount for signing up online. That means over two years we'll save over $880!!

We went to mom's yesterday for my pre-birthday celebration. She took us out to Buster's and gave me a pearl bracelet to match the necklace and earrings I got 7 years ago for my 21st birthday present, and Alyssa washed and cleaned out my car for me :-)

Should be a fairly normal week coming up - bible study on Monday, church meeting on Tuesday, yoga Wednesday (noon) and Friday (6pm), running Thursday, volunteering Saturday AM. We're going out to dinner at O'Donnell's for my birthday on Wednesday (yum crabcakes!) and Daniel's coming up for the weekend. Church Sunday AM, lunch with Norm and Laura, and then birthday party! I think we'll end up with 6-8 people over for wii, ice cream cake, and other mild mayhem. I *am* getting kind of old :-P

I'm really fairly annoyed that I've yet to receive any of my confirmation e-mails for this "paid to walk" study. I've allegedly earned $13 so far but I have no idea if I'll actually see any of it, since I!was supposed to get a) a confirmation e-mail for registering my pedometer, b) a short survey to fill out to credit my account with my recorded steps, and c) a weekly account earnings summary. I have sent them seven e-mails; so far, just a big fat load of nothing. Boo.

(UPDATE: Apparently all I have to do is blog about things and I can make them happen! Immediately after posting, I checked my hotmail and this e-mail was waiting for me: "We have had an overwhelming positive response to this project and we are currently behind processing all of the information we are receiving. Rest assured your information will be processed and you will get paid. We expect to be fully caught up in 7-10 business days." Sweet!)

(Yes, I realize this is a classic example of the post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy.)

Can you believe it's only 4.5 months until 2010??


Matt Silverthorn said...

Three premium movie channels. We get Encore as well as HBO and Showtime.

Courtney said...

Encore, Starz, and Sundance are all part of the Showtime "family."