Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two spiders in 24 hours

Is two too many.

Sunday night, I was doing laundry and I had the door to the laundry room open. I was about to walk through the doorway, when a spider dropped down from the door frame. To my credit, I waited until it got all the way to the floor and killed it myself instead of waking Matt up.

Monday night, I'm on my way home from bible study. As I'm pulling away from a stoplight, I notice a spider (bigger than a quarter) running across the driver side window. Again to my credit, I did not run my car off the road in a state of panic. Luckily, it turned out the spider was on the outside of the window (although it wasn't obvious until it ran onto the top of the car instead of the ceiling).

Needless to say, this has done wonders for my overall well-being.


Oh, I went to Target today. They were sort of sold out of everything I needed except a combination lock (for the gym and pool). Like, they were out of inexpensive foam yoga blocks, but they had bamboo ones. They were out of the $3 swim caps, but they had plenty of $14 ones. You get my drift.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Prime Ministers are funny

Also, go here and tell your congresscritter that you support the HAPPY Act! H.R. 3501 (Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years) would allow up to $3,500 per year in pet care and veterinary expenses to be tax deductible and is currently in the House Ways and Means Committee.

Waaaaay too early in the A.M. for me. Gotta go get ready for work, then drive to the NIH main campus again (it took me an hour on Wednesday. Fortunately my thing today starts at 9 instead of 8:30). Full day at NIH and then off to Sweet Briar!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm not grown up!

25 Ways To Tell You're Grown Up

Oh, but I'm vindicated by the bonus #26, bwahahahaha. I had not just ONE, but FOUR of those on the list weren't me (6, 12, 15, and 23).

I swam today. Still struggling, but I managed to do 50m sets (instead of 25m sets) and swam the full 400m in about 25 minutes. I don't think it's the exertion so much as the breathing...I just can't get into a settled rhythm that doesn't feel like I'm gasping for breath within half a lap.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Got there!

Biked 14 miles today (the triathlon bike distance) in 49:33 - level 7, 90+ rpm.

I accidentally leveled up from 6 to 7 because I thought I had done it on 7 before. Oh well :-) Go me!

I'd like to get to 17 miles as a maintenance distance...I *think* I can do it in 60 minutes (the bike automatically moves into cool down mode at 60 minutes). Should be at that point in three more weeks!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I stretched before bed last night, and I'm still pretty sore from hiking...for some reason even my face hurts. But I know it's killing you.

Gotta get ready for work. I didn't do the bible study assignment last night, but I did do another load of laundry. And bake cinnamon bread. And I'm attempting to recreate Starbucks oatmeal - I made "packets" of oatmeal, dried milk powder, brown sugar, chopped nuts (almonds, walnuts and pecans) and dried fruit (raisins, cherries, cranberries, and hopefully blueberries if I can find them before work at Safeway). I used half the dried cherries and cranberries, and came up with a total cost of $1.31 per packet before the blueberries. Much better than the $3 that Starbucks charges. I'll have to see if it's any good though...

UPDATE: Got the blueberries. Total of $1.70 per serving. And it was very yummy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We went to Great Falls after the church luncheon and spent about 2 1/2 hours hiking. We ended up doing portions of Difficult Run Trail, Ridge Trail, and River Trail. River Trail is AWESOME. It's very rocky, so there's a lot of climbing and such. We ended up going to the canal locks before we turned around and hiked back...I'm thinking it was 5-5.5 miles total? I'd like to make another trip at some point and hike the entire length of River Trail and possibly the Matildaville Trail on the way back down. The map says there's "ruins" on that trail and I'm interested in seeing what they are.

Didn't take the camera, so no pics. Saw a lizard, minnows, and a couple deer.

Went grocery shopping and did some laundry when we got home. I'm very disappointed that I couldn't find dried blueberries at the grocery store anymore...and why do they have dried fruit in FOUR different freaking places in the store?? Ridiculous. I gotta go do my bible study assignment for tomorrow now. Going to be a busy week - very much looking forward to Emily on Wednesday and SBC on Friday!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's just like college!

(Too much to do and never enough time.)

Working 40h a week. Church/related activities 3x a week, workout 3x a week, yoga 1-2x a week, class 2x a week, volunteering 1x a week, two monthly meetings.

I haven't resorted to staying up until 3-4am. I do have homework though, for class and for bible study.

As an aside, I also just thought to myself, that I am not worried about being a sleep-deprived parent at some point in the future. I've already been accustomed to being a productive member of society on 3-5 hours of sleep for 4 years.


Ran 3 miles today in 31:46. Hiking at Great Falls tomorrow.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Linky dinky doo

Rubik's dodecahedron - this would make me cry.

A recipe for homemade chai concentrate, in a cartoon. I want to try this!

A poignant article about a former fashion major who ended up as a quadrupal amputee after developing sepsis following a surgery. While not the main point of the article, I couldn't help but shake my head at yet another example of insurance companies' idiocy - they denied coverage for her prosthetic arms, but not her prosthetic hand. So what, is she just supposed to wear the hand on a lanyard around her neck or something?


Yoga tonight was awesome. Volunteering tomorrow morning. I wanted to go hiking at Great Falls tomorrow, but apparently nature got vetoed by VT football. Maybe Sunday after church.

I'm going to be out of my office for half of next week (not all at once). TTC University session on Tuesday and then finishing out the day in Rockville. Morning ethics class in Bethesda on Wednesday (I got my textbook yesterday). Going to a HIV think tank meeting on Friday before heading down to SBC for Homecoming weekend!

I was NOT impressed by the season premier of The Office.


I did bike at the hotel, but the bike was weird - I put it on the "random" setting and instead of changing every 20-30 seconds, it changed every 4 minutes. And I had to put it up to level 13 on the lower intensities to get any kind of resistance, but drop it to about level 8 on the higher intensities (because I just couldn't do that for 4 minutes). I managed 13 miles in 47:36 though...at least I got the miles logged.

I also swam at the hotel, and that was also weird. The pool was shaped like a big J - and the top half of the J was only 2 feet deep! So I tried to do some very short laps across the bottom section, and I tried to do some laps across half the length of the pool (the half that was 5 feet deep) but in either case I was turning around every 8-10 strokes. I ended swimming the full length of the pool, which was still shorter than a regular pool. It's tough to swim freestyle in 24" of water though. I have no idea how far I swam, but I did it fairly consistently for about 30 minutes. Good enough, I guess.

Plus I did yoga with Donna, which was fun :-)

Running 3 miles on Saturday (in hopes of hiking on Sunday).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting ahead of myself

I thought I had run 2.6 miles last week, and I'm trying to increase my mileage by 0.2 miles/week until I get to 3.75 miles, which is the triathlon distance + 20%. So I ran 2.8 miles today (at 5.7mph). Turns out I had only run 2.2 miles last week and was only supposed to run 2.4 miles today. Oh well, it felt pretty fine so I guess I'll keep rolling with it :-) 3 miles on the schedule for next Sunday!

Going to try to get my bike and swim in while I'm in Gettysburg, and Donna's supposed to give me a private yoga lesson too :-) Regular yoga class on Friday as well.

PS - I just saw this very well-written article in response to a profile on the PraiseMoves founder. Amen, sister!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cracking up

John Hargrave (of zug.com) does it again - Will Starbucks Really Return ANYTHING?

I laughed so hard, I cried. As is not uncommon with John Hargrave's writing. My all time favorites are still Ole Olestra and All-Natural.

Yoga for fitness?

It's more than just flexibility!

Speaking of yoga, I thought this was pretty funny - PraiseMoves: The Christian ALTERNATIVE to Yoga. Except it's not really an "alternative" since they've just taken the yoga poses and changed the names (e.g. Mountain --> Standing Cross; Half Moon --> Rainbow; Plank --> Altar; Camel --> David's Harp; Downward Facing Dog --> Tent). Oh and the leader recites scripture during each pose and they have a "WWJD Meditation" at the end of the class. This smacks of all the silliness of Christian Salt.

(Either the physical aspects of yoga are separate from the spiritual aspects of Hinduism, or they're not. Changing the names of the poses doesn't change anything. I believe that the former is true, however.)

Also speaking of yoga, I'm taking a bioethics class on Wednesdays starting September 23rd and won't be able to go to lunchtime power hour until mid-November...sniff. I'm also going to miss a couple upcoming Fridays for traveling. I also realized that after next Saturday, I wont be able to go to volunteering until October 31st because I've got stuff going on every weekend between now and then.

I got my pool pass yesterday, and I think my general schedule is going to be run and weightlifting on Sundays, bike and weightlifting on Tuesdays, and swim on Thursdays, with yoga tucked in wherever I can manage. Mostly Fridays, some Wednesdays, and I might try to go to Rock Your Core that's going to be offered on Saturdays starting at the end of the month...$5 for a half hour core class and then you can stay for flow 2/3 yoga for only $10! I'd be done by 10:30 and can head straight to volunteering.

Hokies beat the snot out of Marshall, as expected. Some of the other games today...well let's just say I'm glad I'm not doing College Pick'Em!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stuff for today

First NFL game of the "real" season! I'm not doing any online stuff this year (gasp). Eric decided to run Gridiron Challenge instead of Fantasy FB (and I don't like the salary cap format) and apparently no one is doing College Pick'Em. Oh well, more time for other stuff I suppose.

Biked 12 miles in 47:24 today (followed by a half-mile run). I'm going to get my pool pass at the Ft. Detrick gym tomorrow.

Speaking of overall fitness, I think I'd like to do Kripalu's Hike-Bike-Yoga retreat for my 30th birthday (well, in the year of my 30th birthday, since I think it's a fall program). Future hint...they have gift certificates ;-)

I think it's hilarious that Rob Miller, the guy running against heckler Jim Wilson, has raised half a million dollars in the last 24 hours. The almighty dollar speaketh!

I was asked to contribute to an office working group that deals with agreements and issues concerning human subjects research - cool! I might also take a (free) course on the ethics and regulatory aspects of human subjects research, which would be extremely helpful. I also got an e-mail saying that one of my papers (artifacts from my former life) was accepted pending minor revisions. Also cool!

Yoga tomorrow, volunteering Saturday, gym sometime over the weekend. Next two weeks are going to be extremely busy, but extremely fun!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

Got up at 9, went to yoga at 10. My shoulders feel much better from yesterday's swim (which, I'm so glad that we went yesterday because it's currently 66 and drizzling). Swung by Panera on the way home for a bagel and yogurt parfait. Took a nap, went to the grocery store, started reading Infected by Scott Sigler - quite exciting story thus far. Getting ready to cook up some crab cakes, and we'll probably turn on the Miami-FSU game a little later.

Yay for a short week! I'm going to be in Rockville all day tomorrow for a class session in the AM and then a review meeting in the PM. Heading to the gym for a run (goal = 2.2 miles) and a bit of lifting after that. Wednesday is Let's Dish, Thursday is biking (goal = 12 miles), Friday is yoga. Then a regular weekend - volunteering, church, and a gym trip one of those days (probably a bike/run split). Then the FLC meeting is the following week - I'm really looking forward to it!

We're starting a new bible study on Monday nights (per my awesome suggestion) - Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself, which is focused on the "fruit of the spirit" described in Galatians 5:22-23. I'm really excited about this :-)

Only one more CD purchase to go until our ladder is complete!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Is exercise making us fat?

The answer isn't as simple as you might think: "Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin."

Meanwhile, I swam 400m today. Very, very slowly. I mostly had to stop after each pool length (16 total). I was able to do one full lap without stopping twice (lengths 9-10 and 15-16). I need to get my pool pass at Ft. Detrick and start swimming there; I'm hoping that next time I can at least do each full lap without stopping halfway. Also, although I may look ridiculous, the ear plugs and nose clip and goggles all did their job perfectly.

Going to AM yoga tomorrow (no bible study). Don't know what the rest of the day holds...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Professional wardrobe

Slowly building a professional wardrobe...it's fun :-) I just got black and khaki blazers to match my pants from Old Navy, so now I have two twill suits. Actually three, because the khaki blazer also matches a skirt I have. I also have the gray suit that I wore to my thesis presentation. What I'd really like now, though, is a navy blue pinstriped skirt suit. I saw the right style at JCPenney and it was even a three-piece (blazer, skirt, and pants) but it was gray striped instead of navy striped. I'll keep looking.

(As a side note, I think it's awfully sexist that when I search for "navy pinstripe skirt suit" on Amazon, I get a ton of men's suits.)

Had my blood work done this morning; am hoping that the numbers (especially my cholesterol) all come back okay. Went to the early yoga class so we'd have time to get over to church for the 1st Friday get-together. We're going to a minor league game/tailgate/birthday party tomorrow afternoon, and I'll try to swim or run on Sunday. I'll either go to morning yoga or evening bible study on Monday night.

This is shaping up to be a busy two months!