Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting ahead of myself

I thought I had run 2.6 miles last week, and I'm trying to increase my mileage by 0.2 miles/week until I get to 3.75 miles, which is the triathlon distance + 20%. So I ran 2.8 miles today (at 5.7mph). Turns out I had only run 2.2 miles last week and was only supposed to run 2.4 miles today. Oh well, it felt pretty fine so I guess I'll keep rolling with it :-) 3 miles on the schedule for next Sunday!

Going to try to get my bike and swim in while I'm in Gettysburg, and Donna's supposed to give me a private yoga lesson too :-) Regular yoga class on Friday as well.

PS - I just saw this very well-written article in response to a profile on the PraiseMoves founder. Amen, sister!

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