Saturday, September 05, 2009

Professional wardrobe

Slowly building a professional's fun :-) I just got black and khaki blazers to match my pants from Old Navy, so now I have two twill suits. Actually three, because the khaki blazer also matches a skirt I have. I also have the gray suit that I wore to my thesis presentation. What I'd really like now, though, is a navy blue pinstriped skirt suit. I saw the right style at JCPenney and it was even a three-piece (blazer, skirt, and pants) but it was gray striped instead of navy striped. I'll keep looking.

(As a side note, I think it's awfully sexist that when I search for "navy pinstripe skirt suit" on Amazon, I get a ton of men's suits.)

Had my blood work done this morning; am hoping that the numbers (especially my cholesterol) all come back okay. Went to the early yoga class so we'd have time to get over to church for the 1st Friday get-together. We're going to a minor league game/tailgate/birthday party tomorrow afternoon, and I'll try to swim or run on Sunday. I'll either go to morning yoga or evening bible study on Monday night.

This is shaping up to be a busy two months!

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