Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yoga for fitness?

It's more than just flexibility!

Speaking of yoga, I thought this was pretty funny - PraiseMoves: The Christian ALTERNATIVE to Yoga. Except it's not really an "alternative" since they've just taken the yoga poses and changed the names (e.g. Mountain --> Standing Cross; Half Moon --> Rainbow; Plank --> Altar; Camel --> David's Harp; Downward Facing Dog --> Tent). Oh and the leader recites scripture during each pose and they have a "WWJD Meditation" at the end of the class. This smacks of all the silliness of Christian Salt.

(Either the physical aspects of yoga are separate from the spiritual aspects of Hinduism, or they're not. Changing the names of the poses doesn't change anything. I believe that the former is true, however.)

Also speaking of yoga, I'm taking a bioethics class on Wednesdays starting September 23rd and won't be able to go to lunchtime power hour until mid-November...sniff. I'm also going to miss a couple upcoming Fridays for traveling. I also realized that after next Saturday, I wont be able to go to volunteering until October 31st because I've got stuff going on every weekend between now and then.

I got my pool pass yesterday, and I think my general schedule is going to be run and weightlifting on Sundays, bike and weightlifting on Tuesdays, and swim on Thursdays, with yoga tucked in wherever I can manage. Mostly Fridays, some Wednesdays, and I might try to go to Rock Your Core that's going to be offered on Saturdays starting at the end of the month...$5 for a half hour core class and then you can stay for flow 2/3 yoga for only $10! I'd be done by 10:30 and can head straight to volunteering.

Hokies beat the snot out of Marshall, as expected. Some of the other games today...well let's just say I'm glad I'm not doing College Pick'Em!

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