Friday, October 30, 2009

It's the *magnitude* of the change

We in the government are mandated by a DHS directive to obtain more "secure" ID badges by 2011. I got mine this morning. Now, I really liked my old NIH badge photo. Someone in my office even said they thought I looked a little like Reese Witherspoon in it. Unfortunately, they couldn't reuse our old pictures for our new badges because they weren't "compatible" with the new secure process.

My ID picture has now gone from "reminds me of Reese Witherspoon" to "Walmart shoplifter mugshot."


I really like this: Religion Flowchart. And man, do I love me some bacon. But I finally called my doctor's office about my bloodwork results (turns out they never got them from LabCorp, so they had to call and have them faxed over) and my cholesterol is still borderline high. I hope I don't have to switch religions.

My vitamin D is also a little low, which makes me like a good portion of the population and is easily remedied by an extra vitamin.

Additionally, I have a small spot in my left eye that I think is a pinguecula or a pterygium (it's not entirely clear to me what the difference is). I have an eye doctor appointment in less than two weeks (for the usual stuff too - I need new contact lenses and glasses).

Still not final??

They really should have made a rule that said you had to sync your run within X hours for it to count towards the race. It's been nearly a week and my place still isn't set. I'm currently at 16,394 out of over 128,500 runners.

Swam 850m on Tuesday. Three 150m (finally!) sets of f-f-f-b-b-f (freestyle and breaststroke). 50m backstroke, alternating 100m kickboard with 50m freestroke twice, then 50m more of backstroke.

Finally up to maintenance distance on the bike - did 17 miles yesterday in 56:58, then jogged 1K in 7:13.

Women's banquet is tonight, yoga and volunteering tomorrow.

Hokies' season is basically over.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yes, I'm rather impatient

I giggled at "Good Night and Tough Luck" - a visual blog entry about insomnia. Not that insomnia itself is funny - I had a terrible bout of it one summer in college. But the blog entry is humorous.

Still no consensus on the race finish - it's currently sitting at an estimated 127,000+ runners and my place is 15,830th. Not shabby, but I want to know the final results!

Redskins are down 27-10 at halftime. Is anyone surprised? I didn't think so.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I was debating not running the Nike+ Human Race yesterday, since I got out of the conference so late. I made myself do it though, and I'm glad I did.

My official time was 1:08:25 (my iPod said 1:08:33 but I think there were a few extra seconds between when I got to 10K and when I was able to end the run). I'm not exactly sure where my worldwide place is yet - this morning I was at 13,704th but now it says 14,970th 15,081st 15,334th - I guess not everyone had synced as of this morning? I still don't know exactly how many runners either - the Nike+ website is only showing total miles run (currently 787,111) so if you divide that out it's over 126,000 runners. Pretty cool. I'll put up a screenshot in a day or two once I'm confident that I'm reporting my actual place.

Conference is over; very very tired now. Have a busy week this week with the usual - classes, meetings, church stuff. Let's Dish on Tuesday, getting a flu shot on Thursday. Womens' church banquet on Friday. I plan on going to the yoga/core class again on Saturday morning, but NOT doing that particular exercise that set off my neck spasms this time. I'm finally back at volunteering at RFBD this Saturday too!

Matt got us tickets to the VT-NC State game in November, so we're going to Blacksburg to see the McHughs for another weekend. I'm hoping it's an early game so we don't end up freezing our butts off.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sucks to be a saver

I read this article yesterday about how the decisions made by the government are ruining any incentive to be a saver. It's totally true - our ING accounts are currently at 1.3% interest. It had previously peaked at 4.5% in late 2006 (and coincidentally, so did our balance several months later). Our CDs are only doing a little better, ranging 1.55-2.15% depending on when they were opened (and the earlier ones are about to start rolling over into lower rates). I didn't believe the article about money market funds until I went and looked on the Vanguard website - the year-to-date on their Prime Money Market fund is only 0.51% - and the expense ratio is 0.28%! What's a saver to do? :-(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not even "Cheez"

You wouldn't think that cheddar-flavored cheerios would be good. You would be wrong.

Still have a stiff neck from Saturday, bleh. No plans for working out this week, though I do still intend to run the Nike+ 10K on Saturday after I get home from the conference.

Spent my allowance this month turning a 25% off sale at ON into a personal 49% off sale (had $40 in rewards dollars saved up). And pre-ordering the new Stephen King book, Under the Dome. Comes out November 10th, which more or less happens to coincide with my life getting less hectic (free weekends and no classes!) Maybe I'll actually get some more cross stitching done next month too.

Ugh, gotta get up early tomorrow. Three more class sessions for this, and two more for TTC university. Then I have the FDLI 2-day course in early November, and that might be it for a while.

Dinner this weekend with Adam and Kristen (Olive Garden) and in two weekends with Carly and Eric (Sweetwater).

We're opening our house down-payment account in 13 days!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

No run

Even if my neck wasn't still limiting my range of motion to 45 degrees on either side, there's a 50% chance of rain by 4pm. Lame-o.

Not mine

Haikus are easy.
But sometimes they don’t make sense.

Why yes, I AM posting at 3:30 in the morning. I woke up from rolling over and re-straining the muscle in my neck that I strained earlier today at yoga, and after laying in bed for a little while I also realized that my stomach was hurting from the naproxen I had taken earlier tonight. So I decided to heat up a mug of milk. And then I didn't want to sit here in the dark, so here I am.

Preeeeetty sure I'm not going to run today.

Chili party was good, other than the Hokies losing. Oh well.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Unfortunately M is having a terrible weekend. Mine has been better, if only because he said "Well ONE of us is going to have a good weekend!" and then proceeded to clean the house while I was at yoga. Love you babe :-)

Went to the core class and then flow 2/3 yoga - very nice! And hard. I don't know how I'm going to feel tomorrow...I'm supposed to run (3.6 miles) but between my projected soreness and the weather and the college fair tomorrow, it might get shelved. We'll see tomorrow.

Got the chili simmering on the stove in my ginormous-est pot. Hokie football in like six hours. About to start chopping apples for an apple crisp for dessert tonight. My cornbread was so dismal last year I'm pretty sure I'm not going to even try this time.

I screwed up my Let's Dish appointment by changing it on my calendar but not in real life. I had originally scheduled it for the 16th, and then found out that was the date of a concert at church. So I moved it to the 30th. Then they announced that the annual church women's banquet was going to be on the 30th, and I decided that I'd rather go to the banquet than the concert. So I moved my appointment back to the 16th in my calendar (so I could put the women's banquet on the calendar) but forgot to go online and change it on the Let's Dish website. So yesterday I'm getting ready to leave work to go to yoga, and I'm like "Hmm, I never got my 'Four Days Til Let's Dish' reminder e-mail." I checked the website, and sure enough it was still scheduled for the 30th. The slots on the 16th were all full so I couldn't move it back. I ended up moving it to the 27th instead. The End.

No chokies no chokies no chokies time!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Has it been a week already?

We had an awesome time in West Virginia! Took a trip to Fallingwater, went apple picking, watched football (unfortunately not VT though), got ice cream at the ice cream and gun store, made a pie, ate a pie.

Busy week!

I ran on Monday when we got back - 3.4 miles in 35:47. Not too bad since I ran outside at Bohrer Park, and I haven't run that far outside (i.e. not on a treadmill) since college lacrosse. Swam on Tuesday - still 100m laps, but only one pool length out of every 4 was breaststroke. Biked today - 16 miles in 55:15. Yoga tomorrow and Saturday...I'm finally getting a chance to try out the Yoga for your Core class!

Happy (belated) birthday to M! We went out to Bonefish Grill for dinner on Tuesday night. Had bacon-wrapped scallops, a house salad, crabcakes and steamed broccoli. And creme brulee. That's the secret to a happy marriage - share everything except dessert.

I did a college fair in Hagerstown on Wednesday after work, and have another one on Sunday afternoon. I missed doing them last year!

Going to Let's Dish after yoga tomorrow, and then coming home and chopping everything for the chili (and browning the meat/vegetables) so that I can just throw everything in the pot on Saturday. Thinking about throwing together some apple crisp for dessert too.

Why do senior citizens think they're entitled to COLAs when there's been no inflation? (link) Annoying. (PS - if Obama's gonna send all of them a check for $250, I want to be able to contribute an extra $250 to my Roth IRA. Those limits are tied to inflation too.)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Workouts and events

Biked 15 miles in 52:38 on level 7 (90+ rpm) on Tuesday (followed by a 0.6mi run). Swam today - two sets of 100m alternating 25m freestyle and breast stroke; one set of 150m with 50m free followed by 25m breast stroke; one set of 50m free. Total for my 400m was about 13 minutes (with three rests). I then did a lap (50m) of backstroke, two 100m kickboard sets alternated with 50m freestyle sets, and then one more lap of backstroke. Total distance = 800m!

Going to WV for the long weekend tomorrow. We're planning on heading up to Falling Water on Saturday, and going apple picking on Sunday (with a subsequent pie). Looks like the rain should clear up by Saturday morning and stay nice for the rest of our visit...chilly though, so I'll have to pack sweaters! Speaking of which...I gotta pack!

Matt's b-day on Tuesday (going to Bonefish Grill again). Got him his own iPod Touch; yes I already gave it to him :-P Oh, and accessories for the Nike+ system. College Fair on Wednesday. Chili and Football party next Saturday!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Back up to 5K

I actually ran 3.2 miles today, in 33:16. Not too bad. Did a bit of lifting as well. Biking on Tuesday (goal = 15 miles) and swimming on Thursday (hoping to alternate 150m sets of freestyle/breaststroke and 100m sets on the kickboard). Then we're heading off to West Virginia to see Eric and Emily! We're going to go to Falling Water while we're there...I haven't been there since middle school.

Redskins won? Amazoring.

Still have a LOT of reading left to do before Wednesday, including a 93-page clinical trial proposal for my class's mock IRB. Better get cracking on that soon. I did nearly all of the textbook reading, and have done all my bible reading/bible study homework.

I don't feel nearly as tired as yesterday. And my ankles are mostly better. We watched Se7en last night; Matt had never seen it but of course he figured out the ending long before it came about.

Gotta go get some chicken in the oven. Later taters.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I think I got everything

Hiking - check. Smoothie - check. Hokie win - check. Nap - check. Overwhelming exhaustion - check.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sort of slacking

In the workouts anyways this week. I didn't run on Sunday or bike on Tuesday...I've just been feeling bleh. I did swim today though. Alternated 25m of freestyle with 25m of breaststroke, and I was able to do 4 sets of 100m in 16 minutes. I then did 50m backstroke, 100m with the kickboard, and another 50m backstroke. I'd like to try 3 sets of 150m next week, and add a second set of kickboard work. I think I'm going to have to swim twice a week to get anywhere though...maybe on Monday mornings? I need a swim cap.

Sorry Jim - I also haven't lifted in like 2 1/2 weeks...hopefully Sunday.

The weather's looking better for Saturday - only a 10% chance of rain instead of 40% that I was seeing earlier this week. I'm still not positive we're going to Sugarloaf Mountain though, because the tops of my ankles randomly started hurting yesterday afternoon and they haven't felt better today. I'm hoping that it'll go away by tomorrow and we can go hiking on Saturday.

Lots of reading for class and bible study in the meantime.

Dots and Tiles - both rather addictive.