Sunday, October 25, 2009


I was debating not running the Nike+ Human Race yesterday, since I got out of the conference so late. I made myself do it though, and I'm glad I did.

My official time was 1:08:25 (my iPod said 1:08:33 but I think there were a few extra seconds between when I got to 10K and when I was able to end the run). I'm not exactly sure where my worldwide place is yet - this morning I was at 13,704th but now it says 14,970th 15,081st 15,334th - I guess not everyone had synced as of this morning? I still don't know exactly how many runners either - the Nike+ website is only showing total miles run (currently 787,111) so if you divide that out it's over 126,000 runners. Pretty cool. I'll put up a screenshot in a day or two once I'm confident that I'm reporting my actual place.

Conference is over; very very tired now. Have a busy week this week with the usual - classes, meetings, church stuff. Let's Dish on Tuesday, getting a flu shot on Thursday. Womens' church banquet on Friday. I plan on going to the yoga/core class again on Saturday morning, but NOT doing that particular exercise that set off my neck spasms this time. I'm finally back at volunteering at RFBD this Saturday too!

Matt got us tickets to the VT-NC State game in November, so we're going to Blacksburg to see the McHughs for another weekend. I'm hoping it's an early game so we don't end up freezing our butts off.

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