Sunday, October 04, 2009

Back up to 5K

I actually ran 3.2 miles today, in 33:16. Not too bad. Did a bit of lifting as well. Biking on Tuesday (goal = 15 miles) and swimming on Thursday (hoping to alternate 150m sets of freestyle/breaststroke and 100m sets on the kickboard). Then we're heading off to West Virginia to see Eric and Emily! We're going to go to Falling Water while we're there...I haven't been there since middle school.

Redskins won? Amazoring.

Still have a LOT of reading left to do before Wednesday, including a 93-page clinical trial proposal for my class's mock IRB. Better get cracking on that soon. I did nearly all of the textbook reading, and have done all my bible reading/bible study homework.

I don't feel nearly as tired as yesterday. And my ankles are mostly better. We watched Se7en last night; Matt had never seen it but of course he figured out the ending long before it came about.

Gotta go get some chicken in the oven. Later taters.

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