Thursday, October 15, 2009

Has it been a week already?

We had an awesome time in West Virginia! Took a trip to Fallingwater, went apple picking, watched football (unfortunately not VT though), got ice cream at the ice cream and gun store, made a pie, ate a pie.

Busy week!

I ran on Monday when we got back - 3.4 miles in 35:47. Not too bad since I ran outside at Bohrer Park, and I haven't run that far outside (i.e. not on a treadmill) since college lacrosse. Swam on Tuesday - still 100m laps, but only one pool length out of every 4 was breaststroke. Biked today - 16 miles in 55:15. Yoga tomorrow and Saturday...I'm finally getting a chance to try out the Yoga for your Core class!

Happy (belated) birthday to M! We went out to Bonefish Grill for dinner on Tuesday night. Had bacon-wrapped scallops, a house salad, crabcakes and steamed broccoli. And creme brulee. That's the secret to a happy marriage - share everything except dessert.

I did a college fair in Hagerstown on Wednesday after work, and have another one on Sunday afternoon. I missed doing them last year!

Going to Let's Dish after yoga tomorrow, and then coming home and chopping everything for the chili (and browning the meat/vegetables) so that I can just throw everything in the pot on Saturday. Thinking about throwing together some apple crisp for dessert too.

Why do senior citizens think they're entitled to COLAs when there's been no inflation? (link) Annoying. (PS - if Obama's gonna send all of them a check for $250, I want to be able to contribute an extra $250 to my Roth IRA. Those limits are tied to inflation too.)

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