Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not even "Cheez"

You wouldn't think that cheddar-flavored cheerios would be good. You would be wrong.

Still have a stiff neck from Saturday, bleh. No plans for working out this week, though I do still intend to run the Nike+ 10K on Saturday after I get home from the conference.

Spent my allowance this month turning a 25% off sale at ON into a personal 49% off sale (had $40 in rewards dollars saved up). And pre-ordering the new Stephen King book, Under the Dome. Comes out November 10th, which more or less happens to coincide with my life getting less hectic (free weekends and no classes!) Maybe I'll actually get some more cross stitching done next month too.

Ugh, gotta get up early tomorrow. Three more class sessions for this, and two more for TTC university. Then I have the FDLI 2-day course in early November, and that might be it for a while.

Dinner this weekend with Adam and Kristen (Olive Garden) and in two weekends with Carly and Eric (Sweetwater).

We're opening our house down-payment account in 13 days!!

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