Saturday, October 17, 2009


Unfortunately M is having a terrible weekend. Mine has been better, if only because he said "Well ONE of us is going to have a good weekend!" and then proceeded to clean the house while I was at yoga. Love you babe :-)

Went to the core class and then flow 2/3 yoga - very nice! And hard. I don't know how I'm going to feel tomorrow...I'm supposed to run (3.6 miles) but between my projected soreness and the weather and the college fair tomorrow, it might get shelved. We'll see tomorrow.

Got the chili simmering on the stove in my ginormous-est pot. Hokie football in like six hours. About to start chopping apples for an apple crisp for dessert tonight. My cornbread was so dismal last year I'm pretty sure I'm not going to even try this time.

I screwed up my Let's Dish appointment by changing it on my calendar but not in real life. I had originally scheduled it for the 16th, and then found out that was the date of a concert at church. So I moved it to the 30th. Then they announced that the annual church women's banquet was going to be on the 30th, and I decided that I'd rather go to the banquet than the concert. So I moved my appointment back to the 16th in my calendar (so I could put the women's banquet on the calendar) but forgot to go online and change it on the Let's Dish website. So yesterday I'm getting ready to leave work to go to yoga, and I'm like "Hmm, I never got my 'Four Days Til Let's Dish' reminder e-mail." I checked the website, and sure enough it was still scheduled for the 30th. The slots on the 16th were all full so I couldn't move it back. I ended up moving it to the 27th instead. The End.

No chokies no chokies no chokies time!

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