Friday, October 30, 2009

Still not final??

They really should have made a rule that said you had to sync your run within X hours for it to count towards the race. It's been nearly a week and my place still isn't set. I'm currently at 16,394 out of over 128,500 runners.

Swam 850m on Tuesday. Three 150m (finally!) sets of f-f-f-b-b-f (freestyle and breaststroke). 50m backstroke, alternating 100m kickboard with 50m freestroke twice, then 50m more of backstroke.

Finally up to maintenance distance on the bike - did 17 miles yesterday in 56:58, then jogged 1K in 7:13.

Women's banquet is tonight, yoga and volunteering tomorrow.

Hokies' season is basically over.

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Eric said...

that wasn't even a choke last night, because there wasn't any pressure. it was just bad. what a horrible game and a terrible team. our defense is worse this year than i've ever seen it. how about stop a single 3rd down conversion! and tyrod, how about throw the ball within 20 seconds of the snap!