Thursday, October 08, 2009

Workouts and events

Biked 15 miles in 52:38 on level 7 (90+ rpm) on Tuesday (followed by a 0.6mi run). Swam today - two sets of 100m alternating 25m freestyle and breast stroke; one set of 150m with 50m free followed by 25m breast stroke; one set of 50m free. Total for my 400m was about 13 minutes (with three rests). I then did a lap (50m) of backstroke, two 100m kickboard sets alternated with 50m freestyle sets, and then one more lap of backstroke. Total distance = 800m!

Going to WV for the long weekend tomorrow. We're planning on heading up to Falling Water on Saturday, and going apple picking on Sunday (with a subsequent pie). Looks like the rain should clear up by Saturday morning and stay nice for the rest of our visit...chilly though, so I'll have to pack sweaters! Speaking of which...I gotta pack!

Matt's b-day on Tuesday (going to Bonefish Grill again). Got him his own iPod Touch; yes I already gave it to him :-P Oh, and accessories for the Nike+ system. College Fair on Wednesday. Chili and Football party next Saturday!

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