Thursday, November 05, 2009

Evening update

FLDI course (day 1) was great - and I ran into a guy that was in my class year at Hopkins to boot! I had to spend about 45 minutes answering e-mails when I got home though, because I forgot to put my out-of-office message up before I left work yesterday, and I didn't think about it until I was on the metro this morning. And of course there's no free wi-fi at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel. I did get there at like 7:50am though (and the class itself didn't start until 8:30am; the first 30 minutes were continental breakfast) so I'm definitely sleeping an extra 15 minutes tomorrow and waking up at 6am.

I didn't go to the CakeWrecks issue was timing. I would have gotten into Bethesda at 5:45pm, and it didn't start til 7pm. The other issue was that I had eaten dessert (a delicious chocolate mousse) at lunch and didn't want to be tempted by more sweets (the event had free cake).

I just conducted a banking transaction by chat. We finally have a full 6-month CD ladder at Ally Bank, and our first CD is going to mature in a couple days. I wanted to roll it over and add more money to it, but I couldn't find the CD account number in the "transfer money to account" list. I clicked on the website's "Contact us" button, and one of the options was "Chat with a customer service representative." So I decided to try it, and 'Joshua' set up the transfer for me in about three minutes. Great experience! I'd highly recommend them - they have great rates too.

Getting Chinese food in a bit (M's on his way home now).

Going to see "Arsenic and Old Lace" with Adam and Kristen next Saturday :-D

I guess I need to restart my computer so that the little box will stop popping up at me.

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