Sunday, November 01, 2009

Low fat

According to dietary guidelines for my age and weight, I should be eating about 35 grams of fat a day (and only about 10 grams of saturated fat). Maybe I'll just try keeping track of that instead of calories and see how I do. I'm supposed to have my cholesterol rechecked in three months. I was also told that I should be exercising 40 minutes a day, but over the course of a week I already do that:
  • S = 40 minute run + 15 minute lifting
  • T = 60 minute bike + 10 minute run
  • R = 30 minute swim
  • F = 60 minute yoga
  • S = 90 minute core + yoga
I guess I could add another swim maybe. If I get a permanent position in Frederick, I'll probably also get a membership to the yoga studio because then I can go as much as I want.

What is the difference between the "fat burn" and "cardio" heart rate ranges on the exercise machines at the gym? If I'm in the cardio range (which I always am) does that mean I'm not burning much fat? That doesn't seem logical to me.

I had a headache for most of the day yesterday (started around 1pm). I went to core and yoga in the AM (and did NOT hurt my neck this time) and then to volunteering. Matt took care of my car while I was gone. I had to go over to church to set up for communion service, and by the time I got back I had to lie down for a couple hours. It didn't really go away until sometime during the night while I was asleep. Thank goodness for the extra hour of sleep, which was much enjoyed.

Core was good - but my abs don't hurt. My back was a little stiff this morning though.

Going to run at the gym, and then I need to go grocery shopping and do some cleaning and finish bible study for the week and make dinner.

UPDATE: Got to goal maintenance distance (3.75 miles) in 38:10!

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