Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ticket update

I sent two e-mails to customer service, trying to get the passenger name issue resolved - or at least an assurance that it wouldn't cause any problems. If the TSA had an ounce of sense* they'd clearly see that part of my middle name had gotten tacked on to the end of my first name. But with my luck, I'd get some drooling lugnut without a high school education who says "The name on your drivers license doesn't match the name on your boarding pass."

Expedia finally said I'd have to contact AirTran to confirm that it was showing correctly in the airline computers. I figured I had the luxury of time and didn't need to pick up the phone that day. So I popped an e-mail to AirTran customer service. Within 6 hours, I had gotten a response saying that they had corrected it in their computers. No questions asked. I also appreciated that they addressed me as "Ms. Silverthorn" instead of "customer." Thanks Suzie B.!

I'm out of yogurt! I did bring some into work to share; otherwise I think I would have made it to the weekend. My office was interested in a taste test after I demonstrated that it had caused me no ill effects. Luckily for me, Sarah is interested in the recipe and we're going to make a batch when I get to Blacksburg tomorrow night.

Giant sells Pirate's Booty now! I may or may not have just eaten an entire bag.

Only Oprah would announce that she's ending her show TWO YEARS before she's actually ending it.

*I heard a bit on WTOP this morning talking about people wanting to fly home with Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. They said that the TSA considers cranberry sauce, gravy, and mashed potatoes (??) to be "liquids" and therefore they have to go into checked baggage. A few sentences later, they said "cakes and pies are okay to take through security screening."

(blink blink blink)

So......cranberry sauce is an evil terrorist liquid, but if I put it between two pie crusts it somehow magically becomes safe?

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