Wednesday, December 09, 2009

December stuffs

Several people in my office have been out sick lately - at least two are almost positively H1N1 flu. I hope I can get the vaccine before it makes it to my end of the hallway!

Bought all the stuff for the christmas cookies - should get cracking on that on Sunday.

We just got our Netflix streaming disk for the PS3 today. We're currently watching episodes of 30 Rock. Picture quality is pretty good, though it has had to rebuffer a couple times.

Have a meeting all day tomorrow, and then our christmas party season starts tomorrow night! That means I need to do some shopping on Saturday morning...need to wrap the gift for Carly and Eric's shower, and get stuff for the gift exchange.

Unlike what the badging office told me, I did have to redo my background check even though I had just done it all in March. For some reason the questioning was much more intrusive, and I don't see why I would need to release my credit report and mental health records and such for my position (I don't have a security clearance). Joseph and I have a $5 bet on whether or not I'll have to do all of the forms a third time if I get a permanent government position.

I finally ordered replacement shades for our bedrooms! There's no slats, so hopefully there's nothing for the cats to ruin this time. Half price on and free shipping? Yes please! Trying to decide now if I feel up to the challenge of putting in the snap-lock flooring from Ikea in the kitchen (after Matt gets to see it in real life so he can tell if it crackles when you walk on it).

Gotta get up early tomorrow, so I'm getting ready for bed.

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