Thursday, December 10, 2009

I hate you, Hour Eyes

November 11th: eye exam at Hour Eyes. My prescription has changed, so they order a trial pair of contact lenses for me to try out before they write my final prescription.

December 1st: after the flurry of thanksgiving et al, I think to myself, Hey, I never got my contact lenses. I call Hour Eyes, and the person that I speak to says someone will check on it and call me back tomorrow.

December 3rd: no one has called me. I call again. The same person (I think) says that the technician will call me back tomorrow.

December 4th: no one calls. I drive over to Hour Eyes after work. I have now been waiting for the trial lenses for 23 days and my current (last) pair should have been tossed four days ago. The woman at the desk said there was a problem with the order and that only one lens came in the shipment; they've reordered the other lens on overnight delivery but since it's already Friday evening it won't get in until Monday. I say, "Fine, I'll see you on Monday" and she says "We'll call you..." Yeah, right.

December 7th: Before deciding to leave work half an hour early to drive over there, I call and ask if the lenses were there. She says that it didn't come in, there's some sort of backup at their distribution center and there's nothing she can do about it and that they'll call (yeah, right) when it comes in.

December 10th: day 30. No calls. I drive over after work, fully intending to tell them to cancel my trial lens shipment and just give me the prescription so I can take it somewhere else. I get there and after they rummage through a bunch of stuff they give me the trial lenses. The guy at the desk also says, "You were supposed to come back in for a follow up appointment..." and I want to reach across the desk and strangle him while explaining that I never got the lenses that I am supposed to wear to my follow up appointment. The guy puts me down for the follow up appointment a week from Saturday and says "Sorry for the confusion."

December 10th, 8:01pm: I get home, and while looking at the lenses think to myself, Why did they put the "right eye" sticker on the normal lens? I've always worn a toric lens in my right eye, not my left eye...and I'm pretty sure that no one's switched my eyeballs recently. I peel off the "right eye" sticker and notice the expiration date on the contact lens package - September 2009. Jigga-what??

So let's recap - I waited 30 days for trial contact lenses that I now cannot wear because one is expired and I'm 99% certain they've mislabeled anyways, and now I have to take time off of work to go over there when they open at 10am tomorrow and tell the manager that if they don't fix this IMMEDIATELY then I am going to initiate a chargeback on my credit card transaction because I paid for trial lenses and a final prescription a month ago and I have received neither.

Congratulations, Hour Eyes - you've joined the short list of companies (Wal-mart, Pep Boys, United...) that I will NEVER do business with again.


ccnusbaum said...

Hour Eyes is undeniably awful. They used to be my favorite place to go because everything was quick and easy, they always had stock of glasses and contact lenses so I never had to wait for any shipments, etc. Then four years ago, they just simply started going downhill. I have no idea why. I find it hard to believe that it's because they're "under new management" -- doesn't that usually just pertain to restaurants and that sort of thing?

Eric said...

Hour Eyes - Why Pay More?

Oh...because you actually wanted your prescription filled? Yeah, that costs extra.