Sunday, December 20, 2009

More snow

We got like two feet of snow yesterday. Spent a couple hours digging the cars out today. We've watched like 2 1/2 seasons of 30 Rock on NetFlix streaming over the past three days. We also watched a bunch of movies, and played some games too.

Checked off the list: All immediate shopping. (We shop for M's extended family after Christmas, since we don't get together with them until New Years). All immediate wrapping, for things that M is taking to SC and my sister is taking back to VA. Two Christmas parties attended; two rescheduled for January. Church dinner and concert was great! Cards are written, stamped, and ready to be mailed tomorrow morning. Cookies are done and packed up. Peppermint bark gifts are handed out. Packages are mailed (despite having to wait in line behind a woman who took up five minutes arguing about extra postage, that amounted to 20 cents, that needed to be put on two of her Christmas cards because they got sent back to her). We didn't get to go to mom's, but we took care of the gifts at least.

I still need to put cards up on the wall, and pack - since Matt isn't driving down to SC until tomorrow. I rescheduled my eye doctor appointment for tomorrow morning, so I have to get up and go to that. But I have the rest of the day off because Ft. Detrick is closed!

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