Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Orders (out of chaos?)

<3 Christmas money!

Old Navy, natch :-) Pair of khakis, a sweater, a couple of tops and camis, cute floral scarf, undies, two work dresses to go with my suit jackets, and a green cotton dress.

I couldn't bring myself to drop 4 Bens on the 10-piece Calphalon cookware set...so i just got 10" and 12" pans with lids (which is what I really needed anyways).

I also ordered a shirt from I Can Has Cheezburger - it's Dr. Tinycat!

And finally, I'm trying to decide on a bike...but I'm heavily leaning toward this one...price is right (including free shipping), it's a hybrid, decent ratings, and it's not ugly.


Other stuff:

- I finally watched 500 Days of Summer...I've wanted to see it since, well, summer. It was cute.

- I went to the pool today, and swam 400m straight! Plus an extra 400m after that, in 100m sets. I felt great. Then I wondered if fat makes people more buoyant and thus better swimmers. Then I didn't feel as great...

- One more workday in 2009!

- Interviewing for a potential permanent job on the 8th.

- Shopping tomorrow, running Thursday, yoga Saturday morning. We have parties on the 31st, 2nd and 3rd. Then it's back to the regular schedule.

- JibJab's year in review: Never a Year Like '09. Stay tuned for my annual YIR post coming sometime this week!

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