Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Running down the list

Got gifts for mom, Daniel and Alyssa. Got gifts for M's mom, dad, and grandmother. Got gifts for M.

Made 5 batches of cookies. Made three pans of peppermint bark (yum...)

Bought Christmas cards. M wrote the Christmas letter.

Been to two Christmas parties (no prizes this year at M's office party; got a bunch of games and DVDs from the gift exchanges at C&E's last Saturday).


Still need to: Get gifts for M's sisters. Wrap everything. Go to three more Christmas parties (tomorrow and Friday for work, Sunday for church). Go to the church dinner/concert (Friday). Write and mail cards. Bake the last batch of cookies and divvy them all up. Package up the peppermint bark. Mail packages to aunts/uncles and my grandmas. Bring gifts down to mom's and take our gifts back up here. Hang the Christmas cards on the wall. Pack (by Saturday night, since M's taking most of my luggage with him on Sunday afternoon).

Oh, and breathe. And maybe sleep a little?

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