Monday, December 21, 2009

Saga continues

I got up at 7am to put my contact lenses in for my 9am follow-up appointment, so that Hour Eyes could check the lenses and give me my final prescription. I left at 8:45am to drive over (carefully). Our parking lot was a little icy, but the main roads were mostly fine.

When I got to the store, there was a sign on the door saying that due to the weather, the store was closed. Um, did anyone call me to cancel my appointment so I didn't have to get up at freaking 7am on a day that I didn't even have to work?? Of course not. (p.s. - Panera Bread next door was open, so it wasn't like the roads were treacherously impassable).

This has been the last straw. I called the store and left a message, saying the lenses are fine and to please mail my prescription because I never want to set foot in the store again. I tried to call ECCA corporate customer service, but couldn't get past their bevy of recorded messages - so I sent them an e-mail detailing the 40 days of problems I have had with their store. I doubt they'll respond. And I filed a complaint with the DC Better Business Bureau. (And I sent an e-mail to The Consumerist).

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