Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The manager of Hour Eyes called and left a message for me. When I called him back Tuesday morning, it turns out...get this...that they had scheduled me for an appointment before the store even opened. Let me say that again. I was scheduled for a 9am appointment and the store doesn't open until 10am. A) How does your scheduling system even allow you to do that? B) How did no one notice for 10 days that there was a 9am appointment on the books? Even when I had called to reschedule from Saturday to Monday and they gave me the same 9am slot?

I did get my final prescription. The manager, incredibly, offered to order the supply of contact lenses for me. Like I'm going to sit around waiting for possibly another 31 days and possibly get expired product and make four more trips to their store to get that order.

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