Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Home sick

Bleh. I've been sick since Monday morning. I thought I was doing better yesterday, but felt much worse today - it's gone from my sinuses into my chest, and I've had to resort to the horror of cough syrup (yeetch!) I seem to be feeling a little better this afternoon than I was this morning, which seems to be pretty typical of me and colds - everything stops moving and gets gunked up overnight while I'm sleeping, and then once I get some fluids and get things loosened up I feel a little better.

I've been half-watching Food Network during the day, and I want to know how all these TV cooks can chop onions like nobody's business on camera. I try to chop one onion (much less SIX, when I make chili) and I end up looking like someone just told me my cat died. What is their secret??

Haven't worked out since yoga last Saturday morning, but I have had, I think, a fairly normal appetite. Not a good combination?

Hooray for Carly and Eric's new baby, Cassidy Alessandra! I'm very much looking forward to meeting her once I'm not a walking ball of germs.

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