Saturday, January 02, 2010

Just for today...

Oof that was a rough yoga practice. I was just so fatigued 2/3 of the way through. I went to the core class beforehand, so it was 100 minutes of vigorous yoga. Well, it was about 70 minutes of vigorous yoga, and then 30 minutes of not-so-vigorous yoga. I think I need to eat a little more in the mornings before classes. And remember my damn water bottle. Still, given that it was my first "real" practice in over a month (I went to the gentle class on Monday) I think I did okay.

I was glad that there was no volunteering today, so I could get a latte and a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks on the way home and then veg on the couch for a while. We're watching "Encounters at the End of the Earth" on streaming Netflix right now. I'll probably take a shower when it's over, and then maybe do a couple things around the house before I have to get ready to go to Jim and MG's party tonight.

I've been reading the entries on Not Always Right - definitely going on my RSS feed!

I don't get paid until Monday :-( Good thing that's our saving money and not our bill money...

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