Sunday, January 24, 2010


Finally slept through the night Friday night; woke up a little before 11 on Saturday - glorious! We went down to KG for the afternoon to have dinner at mom's. My brother, sister, and uncle were there too. Mom made a beef rib roast; we put together some sides (garlic green beans, sauteed mushrooms, herb roasted potatoes, creamed onions). I baked some double chocolate chip brownies and Daniel picked up ice cream for brownie sundaes. Yum!

I gave my cough to Matt (sorry hon...) so he stayed home from church this morning. Stacy and I went, and then went to lunch at Panera Bread afterwards. I like their new chicken salad sandwich! Had a half sandwich and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup, yum. Napped in the afternoon and watched football.

I've been very drippy all day since I've been off the Sudafed. Just trying to keep blowing my nose and drinking fluids. I found out that you can buy the same medicine that's in cough syrup, but in a TABLET...yay! That should help my overall well-being.

Carly sent me my very own picture of Cassy this morning since she hasn't been able to put the bulk of the pictures up on Facebook yet...yay! Can't wait to see her, but first we've both got to get better...stupid colds.

Hoping that I'll be well enough to hop on the exercise bike Tuesday after work. I still have to take my bicycle over to the shop to get the brakes calibrated. Have a full day of meetings and church on Wednesday, and a church concert on Friday. Back at volunteering after AM yoga on Saturday. Then the first weekend of February is going to be bus-y: FFF Friday, yoga + volunteering + dinner and play with Adam and Kristen Saturday, Church and Superbowl party on Sunday! Then my last week of work at NCI, and Donna's yoga class, and valentine's day, and then less than two weeks later we're off to Blacksburg!

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