Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So fresh and so clean-clean

I'm a lousy housekeeper. But I'm trying to be better this year. One of my 'investments' is better tools (more automated = better!)

I did some pretty heavy cleaning the week I was off during the blizzards - counters, scrubbing the tub, etc. Then I bought:

1. Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner - keeps the shower/tub clean with the push of a button.

2. Also from Scrubbing Bubbles - toilet gel cleaner 'stamper.' You push a wad of gel onto the inside of the bowl and it cleans with every flush. Less scrubbing!

3. A Swiffer WetJet. Waaaay easier to mop the floor. Sorry, sponge mops. Why did I have two mops anyways?

4. Disinfecting wipes for the bathroom counter. Easier than breaking out the spray cleaner and paper towels.

I don't know if a Roomba would work in our place, unfortunately - it's probably too cramped with the furniture. Oh well.

Trying to think of other ideas... :-)


Other stuff - Orientation is finally done; I'm in my real office tomorrow morning. I got a haircut today! Just about an inch shorter and re-layered. The blowout looks awesome too. I wish I could do that myself - I need about a gallon more manual dexterity. Went to church Ash Wednesday service tonight. Need to set up my new gym membership - perhaps tomorrow after work? My yoga studio's 5th birthday party is Friday night...I hope I win one of the memberships in the prize drawings!

Hey, I know like, news and stuff

Pew News IQ Score

Booyah, top 2% baby!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally, a weekend

Without snow, that is.

I went into the office for two hours to pack up my stuff and got all my files organized/labeled with post-its. Then I went to yoga class and Let's Dish - got home around 9:30.

I have volunteering in the AM, and then yoga at 4:30 before we head out for poker night. I am very frustrated with WMATA's 'trip planner'. I know that the trains are only running every 20-25 minutes tomorrow, and so I wanted to plan accordingly so I don't end up waiting on the platform in the cold forever. But I put in my stations and said I wanted to arrive by 11:30, and it gave me the trains on the regular schedule. I don't care if I miss a train on the regular schedule, it's only 6 minutes! I'm basically going to have to leave the house at 10:15am to make sure I'm there on time - I'll either be there right on time after just missing a train and freezing my tookus off waiting for the next one, or I'll be there half an hour early. Lame.

We rescheduled our theater tickets for Sunday afternoon, and then I guess we'll go to dinner somewhere. I told Matt I wanted to get the new stove for my valentine's day present :-P

Monday is already threatening the possibility of more snow. It started off as 1-3", but the latest I heard was 2-6". It'll probably be two feet by Sunday night. I'm hoping it doesn't mess up our trip to go see Cassy, and my first day of the new job on Tuesday...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

FotF Super Bowl ad - the responses

Two interesting articles on in response to the Focus on the Family/Tim Tebow ad during the Super Bowl:

The Invisible Dead

Focus on Your Family

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This snow is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

I measured 8" of accumulation at noon today. Walking over on the side of the building to clear off the heat pump, the snow was up to my waist. Craziness.

The plows and snowblower hadn't come through to clear anything, so I didn't feel bad about flinging snow anywhere I could. I dug all the snow off the cars, and swept out in front of them with the broom - pushed it out into the street for the plow to get later. Now there will be less to dig out with the shovel. It's very light, fluffy snow this time instead of the thick wet snow from the last storm.

And at least I have happy pink toenails inside my snow boots :-)

UPDATE: Off again tomorrow...

UPDATE: It's getting hard to measure because of the drifting but I measured another 3" around 4PM - so about 11" total for this storm so far. Weather forecast is for an additional 2-3" before the storm ends at midnight. I dug one car out; that's about all I was good for with the shovel today. Now my butt's cold!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow day? Spa day!

Off for the second day in a I indulged in an at-home spa day :-)

Fresh hair color/highlights (same shade as usual) plus deep conditioning - L'oreal. Exfoliating cocoa body scrub followed by moisturizing cocoa body butter - Origins. Antioxidant facial scrub/mask - Elizabeth Arden, pore strip on the nose - Biore, honey cream moisturizer - L'occitaine, eye treatment and lip treatment - Neutrogena. And a fresh coat of polish on the toes (bright pink) and fingernails ('vanilla whimsy') - Sally Hansen.

And it's snowing again. Will I have off tomorrow too? We shall see!

UPDATE 10 minutes later: Fort Detrick is closed tomorrow too :-P Not sure what my plan for tomorrow is yet...

Monday, February 08, 2010

Summing up the weekend

Friday: Started snowing a little after 11; work closed at 12:30. Church activities canceled.
Saturday: Snowed all day, until about 5pm. Yoga, volunteering, theater performance and dinner reservations canceled.
Sunday: Still digging out. Church and Superbowl party canceled. City of Gaithersburg website says 30" total (must be snowfall, not accumulation).
Monday: Still digging out. Work and bible study canceled.
Tuesday: 90% chance of snow from 2-11pm?? Winter storm watch projecting 5" or more of accumulation?? Who do I talk to about calling 'uncle'? As of 6pm, there's a winter storm warning and the forecast is for another 10-20"!!

I'm moving to Florida.


So far, we've watched season 1 of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' 'A Clockwork Orange," and 'Rising Sun.' And the Superbowl of course. So much leftovers!


UPDATE: Okay, so I just found out I'm off tomorrow as well - am I going to work at all my last week? I did start my Stephen King book, and cleaned the kitchen, and vacuumed today. We also have a 'leftover party' tonight to watch 24 and eat up some of the food from yesterday's aborted party attempt. Ran out to the store (in the car this time) to pick up a few things; Muddy Branch is way better today compared to yesterday - there's a lot of bare pavement now, whereas it was mostly packed snow before.

One other plus: I found out that the 'Long, Deep Yoga Practice' that was originally scheduled for yesterday was rescheduled for March 14th. I hadn't wanted to miss communion Sunday at church, but I can totally make the new date! The e-mail said there were still two spots left, so I immediately signed up. The description for the three hour practice reads: "Sink into a delightfully long, deep practice as they are meant to be. Breathing exercises, meditation, vinyasa flow and a full restorative yin yoga practice too. The time will fly by as we explore all limbs of yoga coupled with inspiring music and interludes of silence." Very excited :-D

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Son of Snowmageddon?

Cars are finally freed. I walked to the grocery store earlier today while M did the last of the digging. We didn't end up with any guests tonight though, because people couldn't get out of their neighborhoods. Boo.

Fort Detrick is closed tomorrow - another day off for moi! And then, 5+ more inches forecast for Tuesday night into Wednesday??

Roger Daltrey is doing pretty good for a singer that's older than M and I put together. Better than I remember Pete Townshend a couple years ago in something I saw on TV.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snowmageddon, Day 2

23" of snow at 11:15AM Saturday. Still coming down pretty thick; WTOP is calling for 5-10 inches more before it's all over.

Our condo building. Looks like some of the snow has blown/fallen off the roof, so that's good. Those two lumps are our cars. There are paths cut out for the sidewalks and the road has been plowed, although there's about 2-3" on those surfaces right now. To the far right (mostly off the camera) there is an 8-foot pile of snow where the plows pushed everything.

UPDATE: 26" and counting at 2:30. We mostly dug the cars out, although there will be some additional clearing and shoveling tomorrow after the plows come through and the last of the snow falls.

UPDATE: Final total from the National Weather Service is 27-30" of snowfall for our immediate area! I went out around 6:30pm to sweep off the last two inches from the cars, and clear off the tops of the heat pumps on our side of the building. Made snow cream this afternoon - equal parts milk and sugar, a little vanilla, and clean snow. Kind of like a vanilla snow cone.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010

AKA Snowpocalypse, SNOW MY GOSH, The Snowtorious B.I.G., Kaiser Snowze, Snowblivion.

Ft. Detrick closed at 12:30 today. We did cancel plans for tomorrow. Still holding out hope for the Superbowl party on Sunday.

We've probably got about a quarter of an inch so far, and the flakes are coming down big and thick. Current forecasts are for 2" by 9pm (but at the rate we're going right now, we've got to end up with more than that); the heaviest stuff is supposed to hit between 9pm tonight and 9am tomorrow, and then continuing on until about 5 or 6pm. Depending on the site, 16-26" or 20-30" total is predicted - if it's the latter, records could be set.

As for us? We have the first season (7 episodes) of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' that just arrived from Netflix today and two seasons worth of the X-Files that M got me for Christmas. I'm probably going to knock out a good chunk of Stephen King's Under the Dome since that's not a book I want to lug around on vacations and such (1072 pages total). There's tons of stuff we have in the Netflix instant streaming queue. And I might even pull out my cross stitch again - haven't worked on that in a while. Matt bought Super Mario Brothers for the Wii today on his way back from lunch. We've also gotta do dishes and laundry, and vacuum, and clean the bathroom so that we can actually have people over on Sunday without being embarrassed.

Big flakes starting to stick to our cars and the sidewalk at 4pm. Will update with more totals and pics as the weekend progresses!

UPDATE (6:30pm) We've already gotten 2.5-3 inches; about a half an inch to an inch is on the sidewalks and roadway. The tempo is still pretty quick but flakes are generally smaller than several hours ago. This is the sidewalk and the front of our condo:

Several more artsy pictures in the photoblog (gasp, I know!)

UPDATE: 10.5" at 10:30 PM. Totals may be a little less than predicted, because the severe weather prediction now has a break from 12:30-5AM and some sleet mixed in with the snow. Lights were a little flicker-y earlier but that seems to have stopped.

UPDATE: No measurement at 12:15AM (didn't want to venture off the front stoop!) but it's definitely over a foot and drifts up to the windows from the wind. The view out into the parking lot from the steps:

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I had a good title...

...but I eated it. I mean, forgot it.

Lots of stuff coming up in February!

This weekend: Hopefully we don't have to cancel plans this weekend because of the snow; we're scheduled to have dinner with Adam and Kristen at Buca di Beppo, and the go see "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" at the Arts Barn. Sunday is church and Superbowl party.

Next weekend: Donna's first yoga class and poker on Saturday, something for valentines day on Sunday, lunch at the Nusbaums' and (finally!) our meet and greet with Cassidy!

Following weekend: MST3K movie night

Last weekend: Blacksburg to see the McHughs and VT-MD basketball game!

Starting the new job in 13 days...