Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally, a weekend

Without snow, that is.

I went into the office for two hours to pack up my stuff and got all my files organized/labeled with post-its. Then I went to yoga class and Let's Dish - got home around 9:30.

I have volunteering in the AM, and then yoga at 4:30 before we head out for poker night. I am very frustrated with WMATA's 'trip planner'. I know that the trains are only running every 20-25 minutes tomorrow, and so I wanted to plan accordingly so I don't end up waiting on the platform in the cold forever. But I put in my stations and said I wanted to arrive by 11:30, and it gave me the trains on the regular schedule. I don't care if I miss a train on the regular schedule, it's only 6 minutes! I'm basically going to have to leave the house at 10:15am to make sure I'm there on time - I'll either be there right on time after just missing a train and freezing my tookus off waiting for the next one, or I'll be there half an hour early. Lame.

We rescheduled our theater tickets for Sunday afternoon, and then I guess we'll go to dinner somewhere. I told Matt I wanted to get the new stove for my valentine's day present :-P

Monday is already threatening the possibility of more snow. It started off as 1-3", but the latest I heard was 2-6". It'll probably be two feet by Sunday night. I'm hoping it doesn't mess up our trip to go see Cassy, and my first day of the new job on Tuesday...

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