Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snowmageddon, Day 2

23" of snow at 11:15AM Saturday. Still coming down pretty thick; WTOP is calling for 5-10 inches more before it's all over.

Our condo building. Looks like some of the snow has blown/fallen off the roof, so that's good. Those two lumps are our cars. There are paths cut out for the sidewalks and the road has been plowed, although there's about 2-3" on those surfaces right now. To the far right (mostly off the camera) there is an 8-foot pile of snow where the plows pushed everything.

UPDATE: 26" and counting at 2:30. We mostly dug the cars out, although there will be some additional clearing and shoveling tomorrow after the plows come through and the last of the snow falls.

UPDATE: Final total from the National Weather Service is 27-30" of snowfall for our immediate area! I went out around 6:30pm to sweep off the last two inches from the cars, and clear off the tops of the heat pumps on our side of the building. Made snow cream this afternoon - equal parts milk and sugar, a little vanilla, and clean snow. Kind of like a vanilla snow cone.

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