Monday, February 08, 2010

Summing up the weekend

Friday: Started snowing a little after 11; work closed at 12:30. Church activities canceled.
Saturday: Snowed all day, until about 5pm. Yoga, volunteering, theater performance and dinner reservations canceled.
Sunday: Still digging out. Church and Superbowl party canceled. City of Gaithersburg website says 30" total (must be snowfall, not accumulation).
Monday: Still digging out. Work and bible study canceled.
Tuesday: 90% chance of snow from 2-11pm?? Winter storm watch projecting 5" or more of accumulation?? Who do I talk to about calling 'uncle'? As of 6pm, there's a winter storm warning and the forecast is for another 10-20"!!

I'm moving to Florida.


So far, we've watched season 1 of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' 'A Clockwork Orange," and 'Rising Sun.' And the Superbowl of course. So much leftovers!


UPDATE: Okay, so I just found out I'm off tomorrow as well - am I going to work at all my last week? I did start my Stephen King book, and cleaned the kitchen, and vacuumed today. We also have a 'leftover party' tonight to watch 24 and eat up some of the food from yesterday's aborted party attempt. Ran out to the store (in the car this time) to pick up a few things; Muddy Branch is way better today compared to yesterday - there's a lot of bare pavement now, whereas it was mostly packed snow before.

One other plus: I found out that the 'Long, Deep Yoga Practice' that was originally scheduled for yesterday was rescheduled for March 14th. I hadn't wanted to miss communion Sunday at church, but I can totally make the new date! The e-mail said there were still two spots left, so I immediately signed up. The description for the three hour practice reads: "Sink into a delightfully long, deep practice as they are meant to be. Breathing exercises, meditation, vinyasa flow and a full restorative yin yoga practice too. The time will fly by as we explore all limbs of yoga coupled with inspiring music and interludes of silence." Very excited :-D

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