Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This snow is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

I measured 8" of accumulation at noon today. Walking over on the side of the building to clear off the heat pump, the snow was up to my waist. Craziness.

The plows and snowblower hadn't come through to clear anything, so I didn't feel bad about flinging snow anywhere I could. I dug all the snow off the cars, and swept out in front of them with the broom - pushed it out into the street for the plow to get later. Now there will be less to dig out with the shovel. It's very light, fluffy snow this time instead of the thick wet snow from the last storm.

And at least I have happy pink toenails inside my snow boots :-)

UPDATE: Off again tomorrow...

UPDATE: It's getting hard to measure because of the drifting but I measured another 3" around 4PM - so about 11" total for this storm so far. Weather forecast is for an additional 2-3" before the storm ends at midnight. I dug one car out; that's about all I was good for with the shovel today. Now my butt's cold!

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