Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Package Tracking

I guess it's not really amazon's fault, but the last two times I've ordered something from them the tracking information has been atrociously worthless.

Last time it said "March 6th, Location: Lexington KY, Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit. March 8th, Location: ---, Arrival Scan. March 9th, Location: ---, Arrival Scan" If you're not going to tell me the package location, what's the point?

This time it's even worse. The delivery company is something called 'Lasership' (never heard of them). This is my tracking information - "March 27th: Location: US, Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit. Delivery estimate: March 29th." Ummm...so my package left from somewhere in the US on Friday morning, and should have been delivered yesterday and that's all you can tell me?? Thanks...


We're getting boned with another bad housing comp that sold early last month, but I guess I can only feel sort of bad for these people. They bought a condo in Gaithersburg (twice as big as ours) just a few months after we bought ours, for $290K. The person who sold it to them owned it since 1989 and walked away with about $170K in pure profit. The new owners sold it (or the bank did) for $145K last month. Ouch.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breaking the break

Hey, I suck at blogging, huh?

Well, I admit to being a bit of a follower-whore, because there have been a couple times I would have put something over here but thought 'More people would see this if I posted it on Facebook...' And then all my workouts have been over on Twitter, and so I've had trouble coming up with stuff to post here.

But I did want to gripe about the new Volkswagen commercials. With the punching. It's not 'Punch-Volkswagen.' It's Punch-BUGGY. As in VW Bug. You don't get to punch people for any Volkswagen.

I watched 'Julie and Julia' last night. It was amusing, though I was sad to find out that Julie wrote a second book detailing her sabbatical at a butcher shop while trying to break off multiple extra-marital affairs. Le Sigh.

So tired now. Tea and knitting and bed. My scarf is over halfway done!