Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breaking the break

Hey, I suck at blogging, huh?

Well, I admit to being a bit of a follower-whore, because there have been a couple times I would have put something over here but thought 'More people would see this if I posted it on Facebook...' And then all my workouts have been over on Twitter, and so I've had trouble coming up with stuff to post here.

But I did want to gripe about the new Volkswagen commercials. With the punching. It's not 'Punch-Volkswagen.' It's Punch-BUGGY. As in VW Bug. You don't get to punch people for any Volkswagen.

I watched 'Julie and Julia' last night. It was amusing, though I was sad to find out that Julie wrote a second book detailing her sabbatical at a butcher shop while trying to break off multiple extra-marital affairs. Le Sigh.

So tired now. Tea and knitting and bed. My scarf is over halfway done!

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