Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am a successful triathlete!

I crossed the finish line in 2:06:08 this morning - not bad for my first showing! Overall I was pretty pleased with my effort, despite several long large hills (on the bike and the run) and the heat (mostly just on the run).

My swim time and transitions were very good! I swam in 11:03 which included getting in and out of the pool and a bit of hustle to the timing mats. I would put my actual laps time at about 10:40, which is about 30 seconds slower than I had been swimming in practice but I really didn't want to overdo it here because there aren't a lot of big gains to be had for me. One thing I will do next year, now that I know, is to more accurately report my estimated swim time. I had put like 12:00 on the form way back when, and it ended up getting me a very late start time. I was scheduled for 9:15am (the race started at 7am) but they ran a little early and I ended up getting moved to the upper pool, so I think I was closer to a 9am start.

My swim-to-bike transition was 2:18 (137th overall) and my bike-to-run transition was 1:38 (83rd overall). I could have jogged the second transition a bit more but overall I thought it was very good. It seemed like not everyone was taking the transitions seriously, but as Nick reminded me, a triathlon is really a 'four-event' event!

The bike overall was good, but slower than I had expected (1:12:17). There were three or four extended hills that were pretty draining but I tried to make up for it as much as possible on the flat/downhill parts. One thing I found out pretty early on was that using first gear (of three) on the bike made the chain prone to slip off. I had to stop and reset a popped chain twice; after that I just used second gear and raised or dropped the other side as needed. This probably slowed me down on some of the hills though. I'll have the bike shop adjust the derailleur sometime this summer. I also want either pedal clips or straps for next year.

I could definitely work more on the run though. It was mostly uphill for the first half, and one more hill right at the end to the finish line. My calves were pretty tight and the heat was hard (getting a better start time next year should hopefully help that a bit though). I had to walk briefly in a couple places and my overall time for the run was 38:54; while practicing I had been (continuously) running in 35-37 minutes. I probably should have run outside more and in heavier heat...also noted for next year.

Getting ~5 minutes off my bike time and ~1 minute off my run should get me to 2 hours next year! I did have fun though and I was very glad for my cheering section: Matt, Stacy, and Rhoda (who was volunteering at the race). Rhoda's son was my lap counter at the pool :-) The course volunteers were also very supportive, which was cool. Assuming that there isn't a conflict with the yoga teacher training dates, it's 364 days until next year's event! Matt and Matt M. better not miss the registration next time :-)

(Update: pics up on Facebook)


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