Thursday, June 17, 2010

I really am 28...

Almost 29, even.

So I got pulled over by a MD state trooper on the way home Tuesday night and got a warning about my stupid headlight:

MDST: So, where are you headed?
Me: I'm on my way home.
MDST: That's good...where are you coming from, school?
Me: No, from having dinner in Silver Spring.
MDST: Oh, I guess school's out by now, right?
Me: I'm a bit past school age...
MDST: (looks at my driver's license) Oh, I guess you are.

(Slow night? I got the bulb changed the next day).


I am apparently on the NCI-Frederick newsletter distribution list twice (they probably just added me into the system a second time when I switched jobs). Someone came by to drop off my mail yesterday:

Co-worker: You must be special, you got two newsletters.
Me: (looks at the labels) Oh, it looks like I'm in Publication's system twice, once as 'Courtney Silverthorn' and once as 'Dr. Courtney F Silverthorn'.
Co-worker: Guess you got a promotion!
Me: Actually, I AM a doctor.
Co-worker: Really? You're joking me, right?
Me: No really, I got my PhD from Hopkins at the end of 2008.

(I had to show her my business card.)

Co-worker: How old ARE you anyways?

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