Monday, July 05, 2010

It's the 5th of July

Feelin' independent / Please step aside / The celebration's over
- Eddie from Ohio

Spent the weekend in SC. Hung out with Matt's fam, went out to eat for his sister's birthday, got ice cream. Did a little yoga and slept in three mornings in a row. Saw Toy Story 3. I flew back this afternoon; Matt will be back Wednesday night.

When I got back I went to a yoga class and a BodyPump class. I filled the time in between walking on a treadmill. I liked the BodyPump class, but I definitely need to do it fresh.

Got takeout BBQ from Famous Dave's and watched two mediocre movies on Netflix streaming.

Short work week this week, and then a murder mystery party/margarita party at C&E's. I'm playing a hippie this time :-)

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