Tuesday, August 03, 2010

French Fries

I love the new McDonalds french fry commercials.

A panel of experts recommends giving your McDonalds fries...to a panel of experts.

An ordinary potato could never bring you to tears the way a box of hot McDonalds french fries can. Unless someone hit you in the face with that ordinary potato.

Now THAT, marketers, is good advertising.

So I had the double-blended cinnamon dolce frappuccino with 2% milk. It was acceptable. Very well, Starbucks.

I'm sipping thai yogi tea with vanilla rice milk - my nose and throat feel a little scratchy :-/

Found some good places to run across the street from my gym in Frederick. Also took the bikes out with M and Stacy Saturday around the MoCo Airport. Going to give the Millennium trail in Rockville a shot sometime soon! The only thing that makes me nervous is trying to get out of our neighborhood onto Muddy Branch. It's scary enough in a car sometimes!

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