Friday, August 13, 2010


After much mental back and forth, frustration, and discussion, we've finally settled on moving to Leesburg next fall. (I feel like the more I put it out there, the more real it becomes to me - same thing with the triathlons). It's pretty much the only place other than Gaithersburg that maintains or improves both of our commutes so neither of us have to change jobs. It's closer to most of our friends (less than 20 minutes from team Nusbaum!), and no further away from most of our family. It's also cheaper.

It's also a little crazy how *everything* seems to be in Leesburg. My gym, a yoga studio, Let's Dish, our just goes on and on. We'd be close to the W&OD trail for biking and Harper's Ferry/the AT for hiking.

So we're still saving money like mad, and have a target date of September-November 2011. We should be able to sell this place to at least cover our closing costs. We're aiming for a 10% down-payment (had to come to terms with that mentally) so I've adjusted the savings goal meter in the bottom right accordingly.

In the meantime, two sentiments were thrown my way today. Tom Petty came up on shuffle on my ipod in the car:

The waiting is the hardest part / Every day you get one more yard
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart / The waiting is the hardest part

And then Carolyn Hax, in all her wisdom, wrote this today:

So when you feel yourself starting to covet something, force yourself to think bigger. Want your friend's gorgeous house? Sure! But I hope you also want that friend's spouse, family, job, education, politics, faith, appearance, angels, demons, everything, because that's what your friend has. Chances are, in weighing someone you envy as a whole package deal, you're going to hit something you don't want -- or, just something of yours you wouldn't want to give up.
Happy Friday the 13th - mine was pretty mundane. I only have 371 days left in my 20s!


EmilyG said...

That's exciting! We'll have to come visit. Our toddler will ruin your nice new place... ;-) Carolyn Hax is great.

Courtney said...

You better come visit! We'll be 10 miles closer to you. Plus, it'll be your turn to move a few miles closer to us after that.