Friday, September 24, 2010

iTunes hates me

First, the upgrade to the latest version of iTunes (10? I lost count) decided to toss half of my album artwork, that I had been working on meticulously adding.

Then paying to upgrade .m4p files to .m4a left me with 127 duplicates in the wrong location because it created copies of the files in some 'iTunes Media' folder, even though everything else is in the 'iTunes Music' folder. I also noticed, while moving these files to their correct locations, that a lot of the album sorting had caused duplicate files to be made in 'Unknown Album' folders.

So I figured it would just be easier to remove everything from iTunes and re-add the folder, since I wouldn't have to fix file paths and try to find the duplicate files manually. Except when I removed the files from iTunes, it also decided to move them to the recycle bin. Even though it had said 'files in the iTunes MEDIA folder will be moved to the recycle bin' - and remember, everything of mine was in the iTunes MUSIC folder (which was not in the iTunes Media folder). So I had to recover the files from the recycle bin.

Then, I add the iTunes music folder to my library, and it only comes up with ~3300 songs. Somehow it's just decided to send, randomly, approximately 3GB of music to the land of wind and ghosts. So now I'm trying to figure out what's missing. I pulled artist folders from the share drive first, since those are the top-level sort. But there are album folders missing from some of the artist folders too (iTunes, what do you have against Billy Joel???)

Once I FINALLY can get all that restored, I'm still going to have to go in and find the duplicates. Grrrrrr.

(@12:56am - #s, As, Y-Z are clear. Time for bed).


ccnusbaum said...

jeeeze, you have far more patience than I. I would probably have just set my ipod down and gone back to CDs! iTunes is AWFUL, just like (gasp, dare I say it?) all other Apple products. Hey guys, it's really cool to go against the history of the written language to capitalize the SECOND letter in a word! iDigress.

Eric said...

iTunes is one of the worst pieces of software I've ever tried to use. Basically any other media software is better - Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc.