Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Boots

I bought my new most expensive pair of shoes, and they have nothing to do with sports/athletics! (Prior to this purchase my most expensive shoes were my cycling shoes and my running shoes. And then I think my 'vegan' sport mary janes from Athleta?). Here they are:

They were originally $198 at Macy's, marked down to $179 in store. Then Macy's was having a shoe sale so I got 15% off. I also had a gift card from Matt's fam for my (belated) birthday (hence the title). I ended up paying $78 after tax, but it still counts! I am looking forward to wearing these with dresses and skirts :-)

But first, I have a bit more sandal-wearing to do! It was in the upper 70s all weekend and will be tomorrow too. And then I'll definitely be wearing sandals in the Caribbean too. I might be able to get in a wearing of the boots on Wednesday before we leave though!

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