Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So we are up in the Berkshires for Thanksgiving - drove up yesterday (about a 7 hour trip) and checked into our B&B, and then had dinner and visited with Matt's grandfather and Jane. We showed them pictures and video from our cruise and gave them a tutorial on some of the newfangled technology available (iPod and e-readers).

We are staying at the same B&B we were at when we last came in 2008. The breakfast is not as varied as last time (fewer options laid out) but still quite tasty. This morning we had a challah bread souffle with berries, cinnamon and almonds, along with fresh fruit and yogurt with homemade granola, juice and coffee.

I finished knitting my first scarf (finally!) and have started a second one that involves some more complicatedness - two colors of yarn, as well as adding and dropping stitches to create a neat diagonal effect. I think my next attempt after this will be a pair of leg warmers to wear to yoga class so my legs don't get so cold walking to the studio.

We are relaxing for a few hours, and then heading over for Thanksgiving dinner at 2:30. We will probably hit up a museum or something tomorrow, and we'll be driving back to Maryland on Saturday morning (after breakfast, of course!)

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