Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hiking and Cake

Went hiking with M, Stacy, Jim, Phil and Lisa at Sugarloaf Mountain yesterday. Weather was absolutely perfect! We hiked up the orange trail to the summit (and when I say up, I mean UP!), down the red trail, and then the white/blue around the summit - probably about 3 miles total.

View from the summit looking (I think) west.

Another view from the summit (south-west?)

M and me at the summit (1282' according to the elevation map)

View from the red/blue trail's McCormack overlook (facing north).


My awesome ice cream cake - two layers each of chocolate cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream (spread with hot fudge in between each layer), frosted with cool whip, and decorated with andes mints. I forgot to take a picture of a slice but it looked great - and between the 7 of us we ate the entire thing before dinner.

We went to Ziki's for dinner - tried sake (didn't like it, but Matt did), got smoked salmon nigiri for an appetizer and then hibachi steak and shrimp all around - served with vegetables, yakisoba, and fried rice, yum. We came back and watched MST3K: Soulstealer, which was predictably horrible and fantastic.

Next weekend is the chili party! We are having the last of the groceries for that delivered today (including 6 pounds of beef). I will be dicing and chopping and sauteing on Thursday or Friday (a dozen jalapenos, half a dozen onions, a head of garlic, beef and bacon) and then throwing it all in my biggest pot Saturday morning for a good 5-6 hour simmer. We may have up to 18 people at our place - should be interesting, but I know as always it'll be a blast. It'll be our last chili party in this place!

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