Monday, November 22, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

M and I won't be handing each other presents on Christmas morning.

He worked fabulously hard to meet an incredibly tight deadline, and is being rewarded with a bonus that will cover most of the cost of his long-awaited gaming computer that he will be ordering in two weeks. His 'gift' is basically the rest of the cost of the computer.

And me? I'm apparently getting a new car for Christmas, because the verdict on mine this morning was about $2000 in repairs (for a car that has nearly 160K miles on it and is not even worth twice the repair bill any way you slice it). Just like with the laptop, I would have been perfectly fine with keeping this car for another 1-2 years but fate and technology seem to have other plans to force me to be a Good American Consumer. I have to keep reminding myself that, even though I've had the car for less than 7 years, in 'mileage years' it's more like 10-11. Next go-round will be better since I don't ever plan to have a 100 mile-a-day commute again.

The 2011 Ford Focus is still on the Consumer Reports Best Buys under $25K list and is the top small sedan from an American manufacturer, and Ford cars in general also have the highest reliability ratings of any American manufacturer, so that's what we're going with. Woo.

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