Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I usually like cracked.com

But this article is just silly: "5 Common Medical Procedures (That Secretly Aren't Worth It)."

They list CT scans, physicals, circumcision, C-sections, and antibiotics. However, they are conflating OVERUSE of a procedure with the merits of the procedure and trying to make a controversial article out of it. Overuse of antibiotics = bad. But antibiotics have also saved countless lives and reduced morbidity as well (I know, I had to tough it out through a weekend of strep throat once so my parents could take me to the regular doctor Monday morning instead of the Emergency Room, where I'd get the same treatment at ten times the cost). C-sections have saved lives. CT scans have saved lives (they try to make the argument that MRI is not only safer but also a far superior technology; for starters, try giving an MRI to someone with a metal rod in their leg, or a plate in their head, or an implanted pacemaker). I'm not even willing to give them a pass on physicals (although I agree about the correlation between medical care and income level/general interest in maintaining health and yell at the David Drew Clinic commercial every time I hear it on the radio; I still believe there are benefits to seeing a doctor on some sort of regular basis). About the only thing I agree with is circumcision, and even then I have to reserve a tiny bit of former self-interest because we always got our human melanocytes for our lab experiments from the Hopkins OB department.

So, sorry, cracked.com. You usually hold my interest but this one falls flat.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree, my circumcision was totally worth it.