Thursday, November 11, 2010

Numbered brain dump

1. Wow, a whole month?? I'm so freaking lazy. I kept thinking that I didn't want to post other stuff until I had done a vacation post, but then I just kept putting it off and putting it off.

2. So, vacation. Cruise = very awesome. We are already working on planning our next one (see #9 below). We did a bartending class, went to the Captain's welcome, saw one of the comedians, the ice show, the Ever After musical, and the Up In the Air acrobats show, went dancing at the club, swam and hot-tubbed, played mini-golf, did the rock climbing wall and ice skating, played Apples to Apples with the Bauers and Glasnapps, read a ton, ate a ton. The main dining room was very good, but the Chops steakhouse was also totally worth the $25 per person the one night we went: shared three appetizers (lobster carpaccio, portabello mushroom stack, crab/shrimp cake), got steaks with broccolini and roasted potatoes on the side, and a slice of Mississippi mud pie for dessert. In St. Maartin we went to the Tiki Hut Snorkel Park, which was fun, and then spent a little time walking around the town. Puerto Rico was our zipline canopy tour (SO much fun and of course, too short!) and then we had lunch at a place called Tio Danny's - fish tacos for Matt and paella for me. In Labadee (Haiti), we had pretty low expectations since we planned on just taking or snorkel gear to the beach and seeing what we could find - it turned out that there was an awesome reef on the side of one of the coves! We spent about 2 hours snorkeling, had lunch that the cruise ship brought out to the picnic area, and spent a little bit of time on the ocean side of the beach.

2a. We also had a blast with Steve prior to the cruise at Disney! Went to the Animal Kingdom for the safari and zoo area, Everest coaster, Lion King show and A Bug's Life show; Hit up Hollywood Studios for a parade, Tower of Terror, Rocking Rollercoaster, Toy Story, and Into the Movies; rounded out the park tour at Epcot to ride Soarin', Mission: Space, Test Track, Spaceship Earth, Nemo and Friends, Gran Fiesta and Journey into Imagination. Finished the day with the Epcot fireworks show and then dinner at the Yachtsman - we both started with lobster bisque; steaks for the boys and lamb chops for me; creme brulee all around.

3. Just ordered some cute pink suede mocs from Old Navy and some other stuff - including jeggings. I'm interested to see how this will work out (but I really want to wear them with the boots below). My reasoning is that jeggings will fit me better than skinny jeans because they'll have more stretch and will tuck into the boots better.

4. Weekends - Stacy's birthday is this weekend (hiking, Ziki's Japanese Steakhouse dinner, and ice cream cake). Next weekend is the chili party! We may have our biggest crowd yet (current record is 14). The Wednesday after that, we leave for Massachusetts to see Matt's grandfather for Thanksgiving. And then it's December! Two Christmas parties (Nusbaums and M's office); OAR concert at Strathmore, and then Christmas! And then New Years at the Bauers'.

5. Moving - we're almost settled on March. I cannot wait for a bigger closet! I did my closet switch-over this week, for hopefully the last time ever.

6. Appointments - I went to my eye doctor's appointment today, at My Eye Doctor (never setting foot in Hour Eyes again, remember!) I really liked the optometrist here too, and the customer service people seemed a lot more on the ball. I ordered my contact lenses and got a free pair of sunglasses! I moved my dentist appointment up to Tuesday because I started having heat sensitivity on the right side, over by my crown. Of course it sucked for two days straight (throbbing etc) and then the day after I moved my appointment it seems to be better.

7. Stupid people - need to stop honking at me when they're the ones being morons. Last Saturday I was waiting at a light to make a left turn. There is a left turn only lane, a left turn or straight lane, and a right turn lane. I'm in the left turn or straight lane, because I have to make an immediate right at the next light. So I turn left, into the far right lane, and someone blares their horn at me because I just "cut them off" - said person had been in the right turn lane and decided to turn left instead! I was really mad, because she even had the cahones to do the hand-fling-into-the-air thing at me! THEN...two days later, I'm at a light where they have a pedestrian crosswalk. The light is either solid red, blinking red, or blinking yellow. There is a sign that says "Proceed after stop on blinking red - yield to pedestrians." So after the pedestrian crosses, the light changes from solid red to blinking red. The car in front of me goes. I pull up to the line and stop; before I have the chance to move again the car behind me starts blaring their horn at me. Of course after I go through the light they fly right through behind me without stopping. Nice reading comprehension.

8. New music - I have bought a ton of albums over the past few weeks. I got BNL's (sans Steve Page) All In Good Time and Steve Page's Page One (Steve Page is better, but neither is as good as their former awesomeness). Got two albums from Jackson Rohm (Four on the Floor and Twisted and Misguided) and finished out the rest of the tracks from Jupiter Sunrise's Under a Killer Blue Sky. Got David Gray's newest, Foundling, and OneRepublic's Dreaming Out Loud. Got All Sides by OAR. And then a couple random mp3s from John Mayer, Snow Patrol, Ryan Star, Neon Trees, Eminem.

9. Next year's cruise - we wanted to a) go out of Baltimore, and b) go over Thanksgiving. Royal Caribbean had a 9-day Bahamas itinerary with stops in Port Canaveral, Key West, Nassau, and CocoCay. It was perfect! Except it seems that after this fall, they're only doing that itinerary from Jan-April. Booooooooooooo. So we looked at some different options, but finally we decided that the new Baltimore itinerary over Thanksgiving was still our best bet. 9 days, stops in Puerto Rico, Haiti, St. Thomas, and the Dominican Republic. We repeat two ports but we're okay with it. We didn't get to see any of the forts in San Juan, and we don't mind going back to the beach/lunch in Haiti. We are also planning on a turtle cove snorkel in St. Thomas, and either snorkeling at the Cayo Levantado beach area or a horseback ride to the Salto Del Limon waterfalls in the DR. And my mom better come - I haven't been on vacation with my mom since I was like, three - and I cried on the beach at Atlantic City because I didn't like the sand. I promise not to do that this time!!

I'm sure I'll think of more stuff, but at least I can stop feeling guilty about not posting for a month :-)

A few hours later - I've got one more.

10. TV - WHAT the heck is up, CBS??? There have been 8 episodes of CSI so far this season, and you've failed to bring any resolution to THREE of them! (Spoiler alert!) It started with the very first episode, where they catch the one bomber, but after he's in jail another bomb goes off...they allude to the fact that it might be The Biebs but totally leave you hanging. Then you got the shark guy and the vamps v. wolves, but the rubber suit guy is still on the loose. Wrapped up the hoarder, animatronic dinosaurs and ID theft guy, but then tonight you dropped the ball again on the corporate pollution cover-up. This isn't Unsolved Mysteries, guys (which are practically all solved by now anyways). Very disappointed.

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